Vlad Tepes Video: Obama Helps the Litigation Jihad With Miranda For Usama…….

Obama intends to apply Miranda rights not just to terrorists domestically, but also on the battlefied. The jihadists are now breathing a sigh of relief, they won their day in court if captured alive. One more aspect to the litigation jihad, and the Obama administration is leading the way. KGS
Rep.Dan Lungren: “But now we understand that under the Obama administration, we now have something known as the concept of Global Justice, in which we are now giving Miranda warnings to those we have found on the battlefield, whose only connection to the United States, is they wish to kill Americans. Isn’t that nonsensical?
What are we going to do now, we’re going to train our enlisted men and women in the armed forces, that when they are on the battlefield, instead of shooting they should pull out their card with the Miranda warnings to make sure that if the person they are encountering is captured they have to give them those rights? How about perserving the crime scene. This is nonsense”
NOTE: Special thanks to Vlad Tepes for the heads up on his new vid.

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