Fuzzy Headed Half of Dutch Society Divided Over Geert Wilders…….

Leftarded Libs still have problems nursing their common sense
to a reasonable level of sound reasoning and logic

Geert Wilders: We need all of society to counter
a dangerous totalitarian ideology , not just half of it
What’s it going to take for the daft Libs to wake up from their stupor? We can’t hope to defend our free societies from the likes of the anti-liberal, anti-democratic OIC and from ill-thought mass immigration polices originating from Brussels, with one arm tied behind our backs. We need all people from all political persuasions to be concerned about the dangers Islam (not individual Muslims) poses to our Western societies.It’s never been about race or ethnicity but about ideology, a dangerous ideology that has shown itself to be resistant to moderation and change for the better. The only “moderate, and peaceful” Muslim communities in existence, are those which have not been influenced by the Saudis and other seats of Islamic orthodoxy, like Al-Azhar University, that preaches the same kind of purist dogma as Al-Qaida and its Wahhabi mentors.The more removed a Muslim community is from orthodox Islam and influenced by its non-Muslim majority society, the less radical they are, just look at Bosnia and Kosovo before Islamic missionaries got a toehold into the region, now they are becoming hotbeds for Islamic fundamentalism. During WW II, the Mufti of Jerusalem, Hajj Amin Al-Husseini managed to raise enough Muslims to form a SS regiment to help out with the final solution of Jews in the Balkan region.Once again, the issue has never been one of race or ethnicity, but about a highly destructive ideology, something which the media, by the way, helps to obfuscate on a daily basis. This latest article in the Telegraph concerning Dutch politician, Geert Wilders has the appearance of doing just that, but as one reads it, whether by intent or through carelessness, the journalist does in fact shed light on the true reasons why people are nervous about Islam.Wilders’ position comes through loud and clear, and because the situation in Holland is so dire, the politicians that are promoting the grand illusion of a multicultural paradise, have increasing little to counter the sound observations and logic politicians like Wilders and others in the PVV.Check out the article and read it through, its starts out pretty negatively, but as you reach the heart of it, some pretty solid points can be found, as well as the hollowness of the claims by those who want to compare Muslims in the present, with Jews in the 30’s and 40’s. There’s no comparison to be made. All Muslims presently living in Europe are free to live, work and be prosperous, but they must intergrate themselves and be loyal to the states in which they live, as well as not support sharia nor any attmept to subvert our liberal-democratic system. KGSNOTE: Alfred Bernard is representative of the clueless portion of Dutch society (and elsewhere), who couldn’t debate their position with clarity and soundness of logic, and hope to win, no matter how much time they were given to prepare. Dutch divided over Geert Wilders
as radical MP eyes premiership

Sitting in his office in the Dutch parliament building in The Hague, protected from the threat of assassination by 10 armed secret service bodyguards, he summed up his antipathy to the religion of many immigrants to the Netherlands.

“Islam wants to dominate our society,” he said in fluent and only slightly accented English. “It’s in opposition to freedom.

“If people are offended, that’s not my aim. I don’t talk about Muslims but about Islam. Everything I say is against the fascist Islamic ideology.”

To the charge that to many his views appeared to be racist, he responded: “If that was true, we would never have been the second biggest party in the European elections.”

Why, then, did Moroccans and Turks living in the Netherlands so fear him? “As long as they don’t commit crimes, it’s a baseless fear,” he said. “If you adhere to our laws, if you act according to our values, you are free to stay. We will help you to integrate.

“But if you cross the red line, if you start committing crimes, if you want to do jihad or impose sharia, we want you to be sent out of the Netherlands and we will get rid of your permits to stay.”

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