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Palestinians Hang 15 year-old in Qalqilya…….


Honor killing
Picture of a prior lynching, but you get the idea
It’s blood lust time, and the Palestinians, who have a huge reservoir of hate to dip into whenever the situation presents itself, delivers another offering to Molech with the lynching of the 15yr. old, Raed Sawalha. Hell, even the local family members (father, uncle and cousin) joined in on the mob rage, more than likely to cleanse their honor…which could only be regained by spilling the blood of their fifteen year old relative. Sick huh? KGS
Palestinian police say a 15-year-old boy has been found hanged near the town of Qalqilya in the West Bank.
They said several family members had confessed to involvement in the killing, accusing the boy of collaborating with the Israeli army.
Collaboration is viewed as a serious offence in Palestinian society. Suspects are often summarily killed.
However, police said it was unlikely that such a young boy would have been recruited as an informer.
He has been named in the Palestinian press as Raed Sawalha. Palestinian police spokesman Adnan Damiri said those responsible for the boy’s death would be brought to justice.
He said the boy’s father, uncle and cousin confessed to the killing, but that police were also investigating other motives for the killing, the Associated Press reported.

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  1. As a proud European tax-payer I insist we support Fatah by increasing amounts. Down the imperialistic computer games – we need the real stuff!

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