Hamas Palestinian Misuse of Aid PMW

Shocker: Hamas Misusing Humanitarian Aid…….

Converting ambulances to military vehicles

Hamas: The Jihad always comes first
therefore the people always come last

For the Hamas and other Jihadist groups (all pious Muslims) the well being of the people will always come in second place to that of the Jihad,…always. Some may think that such behaviour is kind of contradictory for the Hamas and Hezbollah, since they are always lauded for their welfare work by the useful stooges in the West.

But in fact, misusing their people in such a callous, overt way is in keeping with their view of the world. As with most of the Westerners who heap praise upon these Jihadi groups, Hamas & Hezbollah could care less for the average person, it’s the war on Israel and the capitalist US that’s of more importance for these nut-jobs, Jihadis and radical Leftists alike. Really. KGS

PMW: Hamas converts 46 ambulances to military vehicles,
misusing humanitarian aid

PMW has documented the repeated use of foreign funding by both the PA and Hamas for terror and glorification of terror. The following is another case of well intended humanitarian assistance given to Palestinians that is appropriated for military or terror purposes:

“The [Palestinian] Health Ministry stated yesterday that Hamas militias had raided 46 ambulances, donated by Arab states during the recent aggression on the Gaza Strip, of the medical equipment that they contained… and used them as military vehicles to arrest civilians, after painting [the ambulances] black.

The Ministry’s director of public relations and information, Dr. Omar Nasr… said that the medical equipment removed from the ambulances was expensive. He demanded that the Hamas militias declare, courageously and openly, what had become of the thousands of tons of medical equipment which had been brought into the Gaza Strip as assistance for the Palestinian people, and which had passed at its [Hamas’s] orders to private warehouses and its own medical centers, and was later sold to the helpless citizen…”

[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, May 20, 2009]

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