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Dutch EU Elections: Geert Wilders PVV Wins Big…….

You can’t keep a good man down

Wilders: The more you smear me,
the more popular the PVV becomes

It’s a lose lose situation for Dutch politicians and their parties when they try to distance themselves from the warnings of the PVV party concerning Islam. The average Dutch citizen can see through the haze of what passes for political discourse in Holland, and realizes that the PVV is the only party calling things as they are. Dutch parties could learn from the Finns, and instead of immediately labeling parties and their politicians as ‘racists’ for speaking the truth about the realities of mass immigration of Muslim immigrants, they can internalize the PVV talking points and opt for their own approach to the problems.

The Finnish ‘True Finns’ party (Perussuomalainen) has had an amazing effect on how the other parties discuss the issues of immigration. This once small party has been talking openly about the host of problems that mass immigration has brought with it, and it has spilled over party lines. The current Prime Minister, Matt Vanhanen (Center Party) has already publicly admitted that bringing up the problems involved with immigration, can’t be immediately be construed as being racist.

The LIB media will try of course to paint those who discuss and take a dim view of mass immigration, as being against ‘all immigration’, which is a patently false accusation. Most people that speak of these issues are for immigration, but at a reasonable pace, as well as reminding the government that being selective of who immigrates into the country, is a sovereign right.

The former president of Finland, Martti Ahtisaari, squared off with the current president, Tarja Halonen, during a press conference held a few months ago. Ahtisaari made it very clear that Finland needs schooled immigrants who have a good working knowledge of Finnish and/or Swedish to fill positions in the Finnish work force. Many of the immigrants coming from the ME simply do not meet those requirements.

So it’s the PVV’s turn to shake and rock the boat, good for them, they deserve a chance to be trusted by their people at the EU level. It’s going to be interesting to see how well the True Finns do in Sunday’s election here in Finland. All polls indicate that they are going to be as successful as the PVV, which see them winning three seats in the EU parliament. Finland is alloted 13 seats, so the PS party will be sharing an equal amount of seats with the larger parties of the Center party, National Coalition, the SDP party and perhaps a seat going to either the Christian Dems or the Greens. KGS

EU elections: wins for anti-Islam PVV and D66

Geert Wilders anti-Islam party PVV is set to debut in the European parliament with four seats, making it the Netherlands’ second biggest party according to Nos tv’s exit poll.

The exit poll puts the ruling Christian Democrats on five seats, compared with seven at present. Both Labour and the PVV are set to take four seats, the pro European Liberal Democrats D66 are forecast to triple their representation to three.

Labour won seven seats in the last election.

The Netherlands voted to fill 25 of the seats in the European parliament. The exit poll puts the right-wing Liberals on three seats, the Socialists, Groenlinks, and orthodox Christian parties all on two seats each. The pro-animal PvdD is hovering around the one seat mark but too close to call, Nos commentators said.

NOTE: For more on Finnish politics and immigration, click here and here.

UPDATE: H/T Gaia: Morning news from Holland: With 90+% counted: PVV now stands at 16,9 % In Rotterdam PVV is largest with 22,5% slashing Labour with 50% back to 15% In larger suburbs (100.000 inhabitants) – in one of which I live – of Rotterdam PVV gets well over 25% sometimes even 30%.

“Translated” into parlementary seats PVV is now the 2nd largest party after CDA which had 20%. Geert Wilders has said: this is only the beginning and demands current cabinet to resign. He told one newscaster to move to North Korea and be happy there. Good man!

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