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EU Elections: The Finnish Greens and Communists are Like Two Peas in a Pod…….

No surprise to the Tundra Tabloids

The Greens are also as anti-Israel
and have anti-Semitic tendencies as the Commies
It’s long been said that the Greens are watermelon socialists, being green on the outside and very red on the inside. The charting system below, that maps out the ideological placement of each of the candidates running for the EU parliament is a good indication why the watermelon analogy rings true. KGS

The Finnish EU election ideological chart

H/T: Kumitonttu

The study’s surprising finding relates to the Greens and the Communists. The parties’ candidate groups are ideologically more or less identical on the”astronomical map”.

The Greens and the Communists euro candidate groups are exactly as critical in respect to military alliances and economic regulation. The only ones Even more critical are the Social Democratic Party and the Left Alliance.

The Greens and the Communists have also copied of each other’s attitudes towards environmental issues, economic growth and a market economy. They are in these matters the most orthodox.

3 Responses

  1. To Tundra Tabloids

    Dear Tundra

    Are You realy meaning that a party who takes care of the poor people and the environment is a bad thing ?

    Perhaps You do not know that the Finnish Green party is the only party in Finland which is capable openly to criticize the violation of human rights in Russia.

    Therefore it is unfair to compare the Green Party to communists.

    Pekka Nykänen

  2. Sorry Pekka to have caused you so much angst, but the truth of the matter is…like the Commies, they're socialists, they also have a history of hostile anti-Israel sentiment which at times has crossed over into open displays of anti-semitism.

    I also fail to see why their carrying for the poor should be enough for me to have warm feelings for them, seeing that socialism has been the worst ideology ever created in the history of humankind, that has only served to enslave hundreds of millions of people for over a century.

    I see no cause for a sudden outbreak of warm and fuzzy feelings for such a party.

  3. Dear KGS

    As far as I know the finnish green party has no bad feelings against Israel.

    What is Your opinion about kibbutzes which are socialist organisations?

    Therefore we can say that in Israel is more socialistic country than Finland.

    Yours sincerely

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