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The TT is for the most part a one man operation, and therefore, it can’t watch out for every spec of interesting news. Thankfully, there are a lot of friends out there (that’s what I call my readers who are worried about the same things as I) who occasionally lend a helping hand. Carl is one of them.

Hey hows things! Love your work.

Here’s something quite tasty, our queen has visited the mosque of an imam who is an honorary member of the European Fatwa Council and as such has participated in the blessing of suicide actions against all Israelis, including innocents. Her son, the crown prince, attended the meeting at the House of Literature a while back where Muhammed ali chisti spoke of how he shouted “death to the jews” in the march in which also Minister of Finance Kristin Halvorsen partook.

Ed Husein, author of “The islamicist” was also at the meeting, and said that it was a bad decision to let Muhammed ali chisti speak and that this was the mistake that UK had made. The mosque in Oslo which Queen Sonja has visited is aligned to the Pakistani political party to which Ed Husein was attached in his fundamentalist days.

Is this something you might want to cover?
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Thanks Carl, I am enjoying the rare warm weather in Finland, thanks for taking the time to write and inform the TT about the story that it should have covered. Consider it done. KGS

Norway’s Queen Sonja all dolled up…

wearing a scarf that she has no business wearing.Picture via: Sheik Yer’mamiStory via: Islam in EuropeOslo: Mosque visited by Queen connected to Jamaat-e-Islami

The Islamic Cultural Center mosque has never hidden where they get their ideological inspiration: from Jamaat-e-Islami in Pakistan, an organization considered to be an extreme group on the extremist side of the religious and political landscape.

When the Norwegian royal family wanted to visit a Muslim community in Norway for the first time ever Monday, they chose the Islamic Cultural Center. It’s unclear if Queen Sonja was aware of the links between the Islamic Cultural Center in Oslo and religious extremist groups in Pakistan.

Spokesperson at the palace Sven Gj. Gjeruldsen says that the Queen was there after having received an invitation to open an exhibition, and added that generally that Royal family doesn’t comment on the reasons for their appearances.

Per Sandberg, Deputy head of the Frp (Progress Party), thinks the royal family can naturally visit whomever they want. But, he says, he would have wished the queen didn’t legitimize a mosque with radical attitudes. She could have visited a mosque with moderate points of view. It’s a paradox that so many Muslims in Norway follow radical movements within Islam after they come to Norway.

And researchers like, UPI’s Toby Archer, think the Counter-Jihad over exaggerates the problem with Islam, and helps to compound the problem with social cohesion of the communities…by pointing out the problems with Islam. KGS

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