Abbas Has Peace Plan Ready For Obama…….

And it’s a real humdinger
Abbas: Trust me, I’m not demanding for
five million to return to Israel, just a few million or so

The deal Abbas is proposing, is a combination of the Quartet’s and Arab League’s proposals for ending the conflict, and as things stand, the former would work if the Arabs were not interested in destroying Israel, with the latter being nothing more than a plan to destroy Israel. Either way, Abbas’ offer is moot in the face of Arab intransigence.
Abbas to present peace plan to Obama

In his meeting with US President Barack Obama on Thursday, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is expected to propose the establishment of a supervisory committee, which would work under the Middle East Quartet in order to ensure that both Israel and the Palestinians are complying with their commitments. According to Israel Radio, in a meeting in Washington on Wednesday night, Abbas said that he will present Obama with new ideas connecting the Road Map plan and the Arab League peace initiative. Regarding the Palestinians right of return, Abbas said that he is not asking that 5 million Palestinian refugees return to Israel and noted that he had reached an understanding on the issue with former prime minister Ehud Olmert. “We will not destroy Israel,” he reportedly pledged. Also on Wednesday night, Abbas adviser Yasser Abed Rabo said that Israel’s policy in Jerusalem is ruining any prospects of a peace agreement. Rabo noted that the issue of Jerusalem will be at the center of Abbas’s meeting with Obama. In an interview with Palestinian television, Rabo called on Israel to freeze settlement expansion and remove checkpoints from West Bank roads.

You can trust the Arab leadership’s sincerity for peace, as much as you can trust them to uphold the human/civil rights of their own people. KGS

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