Art World Islam Offended Vlad Tepes

Blogger Vlad Tepes Lays Down a Challenge to Artists World Wide…….

Do something more brave
than lampooning the Dalai Lama

The Bacon Cheese Burka

Vlad Tepes: “I have written on this many times in the past year on Vlad but now I am making a direct challenge to artists who think they are ‘risque’ and so dangerously counter culture. You know who you are. You did the ‘Piss Christ’ and made millions for something as banal as putting a crucifix in what looks like a jar of urine. You must feel so very brave when you insult millions of people you know won’t ever actually do anything beyond write an angry letter to the gallery, galleries which we know will benefit massively by the publicity. […]

Why not actually do an art piece offensive to the one religion which really does subjugate women to second class status? More accurately to non person status altogether actually. Why not show us how brave and counterculture you are by making a sculpture of a twice life size women in full Bacon cover with a cheese veil demonstrating the utter horror that is life in the Islamic world.”

So the challenge has now been tossed to the risque’ and dangerous counter culture of the art world. Will they dare take up the challenge? KGS

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