Greece: Muslim Riots in Streets Leads to Arson Attack on Prayer Room…….

Rumours of Koran burning leads to
the actual burning of ….stuff

Mo’s Mein Kampfs reach for the sky
And the riots continue over the rumur that Greek police mishandled a copy of the Koran, which sent hundreds of Muslim rioters into the streets. These are the methods and the means Europe can come to expect, as Islam exerts its political force into the public arena for all to see. If Muslim immigration into Europe isn’t greatly curtailed, get used to seeing “the rage” as a regular occurance. KGS

Three injured in Athens attack following Friday riots

Athens – At least three people were hospitalized in Athens Saturday morning with breathing problems after unknown assailants ignited a gas canister and threw it through the window of a store that doubles as a prayer centre for Muslim immigrants. Media reports said none of the injured was in mortal danger.

The attack came a day after violent clashes between more than 1,000 Muslim protesters and Greek police in central Athens prompted by the alleged mutilation of a copy of the Koran by police.

Officials said 45 protesters were arrested while seven Muslim immigrants and seven policemen were injured and transferred to hospital for treatment. More than 70 cars, ten stores and one bank were damaged in the clashes, which sent shocked and frightened tourists running for cover in nearby hotels.

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