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Clarion Fund Seeks Honest Answers Why Geller, Schlussel, Spencer, Bostom Are Not Thrilled With Zuhdi Jasser…….

Who is Zuhdi Jasser? Modernist Muslim
or an apologist for Islam 101?
The Tundra Tabloids has been involved with an ongoing exchange of emails between someone (not yet at liberty to state who) involved with the Clarion Fund’s promotion of Zuhdi Jasser’s film, “The Third Jihad”.
After a flurry of emails, it’s clear that there are solid reasons as to why Pamela Geller from Atlas Shrugs, and Debbie Schlussel from, Robert Spencer from Jihad Watch and Andrew Bostom have doubts about the man and the project. In response to what the spokesman for the Clarion Fund wrote to the Tundra Tabloids:
What is the issue with Dr. Jasser that has turned off and/or upset so many bloggers? Is there a history with Dr. Jasser beyond Pamela’s 2007 interview?”
The TT has then sent the following email that explains why certain doubts remain. Hopefully there will be a further clarification on their part that will clear the air, but then again maybe not, the ball is clearly in their corner to do as they wish. KGS

NOTE: I have been told that Muslims Against Sharia has spent a good deal of time around the internet attacking D.Schlussel for no reason, and then sent her an obscenity-laced e-mail, so D.Schlussel cannot agree with me about this group.

Now that I’ve returned from my trip (to Copenhagen) and have had a chance to resettle back into my regular routine, I can now devote some time and effort to your question. I believe that many who follow these issues are willing to throw their support behind any Muslim who is genuine and wants to reform Islam, but that they must be also willing to accurately depict the truth about Islam, warts and all, and not hide for an example, the fact that the overwhelming majority of Muslims are indeed anti-semitic and hate Israel. And that they refuse to point to passages in the Koran to point out exactly where the jihadis are “getting it all wrong”, and that their prophet’s lifestyle should not be imitated in every respect in this day and age.

Many believe that Jasser provides a fantasy for Jews and others who want to believe that the majority of Muslims are really peaceful like him. I know for a fact that indeed, the majority of Muslims in the States as well as here in Finland, take a negative approach to both, while claiming all along that they have nothing against Jews…”it’s just about Zionism”, which is anti-semitic all by itself. Elie, I honestly believe that it’s all a ruse. I had listened to the Jasser interview from a while ago on Geller’s show, and being a person who is always willing to give any person (no matter what the background) the benefit of the doubt until proven wrong, I too was more than happy to think the best of Jasser.

I maintain good relations with the Muslims Against Sharia group, having them come from time to time to my blog registering comments, but I deem their outlook to be a bit more than naive and “spitting against the wind”. Having blogged some very critical posts of their prophet, the MAS still maintains links with the Tundra Tabloids and for that I tip my hat to them. But make no mistake, the MAS is very open about what Islam, in its present form, is all about, and that they want to change it no matter how up-hill that will be.

They are under no illusion that when push comes to shove, the majority of Muslims will side with their co-religionists, in that they’ll refuse to condemn the killing of Jews and Israelis simply because they’re Israelis, they’ll speak about “the murder of the innocent” as being bad, but Jews and Israelis never factor into their views as being innocent. Then there is the overtly anti-semitic passages of the Koran and the Hadiths that keep the Jew hatred burning…to the best of my knowledge, Jasser has not condemned these holy Islamic texts as being wrong and anti-semitic.

Now I wonder what Zuhdi Jasser thinks about the Dutch politician Geert Wilders showing of Fitna to Congress? Does he think Geert Wilders is a populist politician who hates Muslims? What about the Mo-toons, does Jasser support the right to defame or criticize religions? Does he think that the Rights of Gods outweigh the Rights of Men? What does he think of Wilders’ call for Muslims with dual citizenship who support the introduction of sharia into the West, as well as actively push for it…not be allowed to remain as citizens in the West, or be repatriated?

Best regards,


NOTE: Muslims Against Sharia posts an email in the comment box, all are welcome to read it and draw their own conclusions. One thing for sure, I find Debbie Schlussel, especially since she’s a lawyer, very thorough in her documentation and has never steered the Tundra Tabloids wrong, never. I for one am not persuaded by MAS’s argumentation, but nonetheless, I draw attention to the comment out of fairness. KGS

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  1. MASH attacking D.Schlussel for no reason, and then sent her an obscenity-laced e-mailBelow, you can find the aforementioned “obscenity-laced” email:

    Debbie: While Bill Warner’s attacks on Pamela concern me and are completely unwarranted, you have a lot of chutzpah contacting me after lying about me on the internet. I find you to be an untrustworthy, lying scumbag, after you had the nerve to post an entirely false comment about me claiming that the majority of my posts are against anti-jihadists, when in fact that would be 3 posts out of 5,000.

    Khalim: I find it surprising that someone with a law degree does not understand the difference between a “substantial portion” and a “majority.”
    Debbie: When people are frauds, I will out them, whether they are on “my” side or not.Khalim: You’re not exactly known for your sound judgment, so when you say that someone’s a fraud, it should be taken with a grain of salt. But even if you were right, your priority of outing “frauds” over fighting Islamists would put your judgment into question.
    Debbie: Funny, I didn’t see you attacking your hero (and fellow phony and liar) Steven Emerson, after he’s been attacking me behind my back for the last 8 years, after using me repeatedly.

    Khalim: I’ve never seen that, but judging by your temperament, I’m not surprised. You don’t have to think of Emerson as a hero, but the impact he makes in the war on terror in a single year is more substantial than yours and mine combined in ten years.
    Debbie: But I’m supposed to ignore this because this fraud is an “anti-jihadist” so anything goes? Oh, and here’s a tip, idiot: Your hero, Steven Emerson, was working with and using Bill Warner’s info for years.Khalim: Everybody makes mistakes. We also used Warner’s materials before. And so did Pamela.Debbie: It’s interesting that you claim–as someone who doesn’t read my site and hasn’t a clue would claim–that I don’t reserve zeal in attacking or exposing jihadists. That’s the majority of my site, you liar.Khalim: Again, it must be your poor comprehension skills, but I said “What is troubling is that the most venomous attacks seem to be reserved for them, not for Islamists.” However, there is a possibility that I take attacking Islamists as a given while attacking anti-Islamists seem to me as being over-the-top.Debbie: I find you to be completely suspect and really am not interested in a single thing you have to say.Khalim: Sure. Nothing proves that point better than your more-than-twice-as-long reply.Debbie: Please do not e-mail me again.Khalim: Believe me, I get no pleasure from your petty insults.Debbie: You are a lowlife. Only a lowlife would lie about me on the internet and then have the extreme gall to e-mail me asking me to trust him/her and not to write certain things about someone else. Get a fricking clue.Khalim: And, yet again, you demonstrate your exceptional lack of reading comprehension. I said “I’m not asking you to trust my judgment or me.” How you get from “I’m not asking you to trust my judgment or me” to asking you to trust me, is beyond me. Must be all the foaming at the mouth that spilled on your contacts.

    But, anyway. I could care less what you think about me. What I do care is that Insane P.I. is defaming Ted Belman of Israpundit, Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs, David Horowitz, Jamie Glazov, Ben Johnson, and Michael Finch, of FrontPage Magazine, Glen Reinsford of The Religion of Peace, Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch, Michael Travis, Geert Wilders of Dutch Freedom Party, and Dr. Paul L. Williams. I’m sure you would be concerned enough about at least one of them to do something. Unless, of course, you only get pissed when someone makes comments about you.

    Lighten up, Deb.The email, in fact, is laced with some choice words. However, if you read the email, it is clear who the source of those words is.

  2. “I maintain good relations with the Muslims Against Sharia group, having them come from time to time to my blog registering comments, but I deem their outlook to be a bit more than naive and “spitting against the wind””

    We are “spitting against the wind.” And the main reason for that being Western dhimmitude. When the government utilizes its vast resources to promote Islamists role models for Muslim it’s not spitting against the wind, it’s spitting against the hurricane.

    Zuhdi Jasser may not be perfect, but he is putting his life on the line every day, while most of us live in “undisclosed locations” or hiding behind our computers. People like Dr. Jasser should be treasured. And if someone wonders what his positions are, he/she should email Zuhdi Jasser directly to have him clarify any misconceptions abut him. Otherwise, that’s how these ugly rumors start. Our “obscenity-laced e-mail” (see previous comment) is a good example.

    As anti-Islamist Muslims we are in the minority. And attitudes like this are not helpful to increasing our numbers.

  3. “NOTE: I have been told that Muslims Against Sharia has spent a good deal of time around the internet attacking D.Schlussel for no reason, and then sent her an obscenity-laced e-mail, so D.Schlussel cannot agree with me about this group.”

    KGS, Would you mind posting another note, now that you have the text of actual email? Khalim

  4. Sharia in the west

    I had a free-style conversation with some foreign people a couple of weeks ago – the subject of all women candidates for the Labour Party came up and one approximately 26 year old German lady was keenly in favour .
    Someone else brought up the subject of stoning women to death
    and the German lady said ,” Well ,their culture …blah blah “
    I said to her , ” Won’t you condemn this ? ” and she wouldn’t – she prevaricated .
    So ……………I suppose some Europeans might say
    ” Sharia in the west – well ,maybe –
    wouldn’t like to offend their culture “!

  5. Moderate Islam, Radical Islam, True Islam, False Islam, Wahabi Islam, Wasabe Islam, Sushi Islam, Sunni Islam, Shite Islam, Sufi Islam, or whatever Islamic “theological” bullshit you worshippers of the Dead Pedophile are fighting amongst yourselves over, take it OUTSIDE THE WEST and do it in your own sweet time in Islamoland. The poisonous ideology you carry will always be a menace and YOU ARE NOT WANTED IN THE WEST. LEAVE.

  6. Really? I’m not the one who’s been caught lying. Debbie has. I’m not the one who’s been defaming anti-Islamists. Debbie has. So why would I lose? Is that because a lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is just putting on its shoes?

  7. If there’s a Muslim against Sharia out there, I’m cool with it as long as they’re really against Sharia.

    The Jewish people have a lot of imperfect friends. That’s just the way it is. I’m used to it.

    Is Zuhdi Jasser a friend? Will he stand up for Israel? Has he ever done so without reservation?

    Seein’ is believin’!

    There are Muslims who have stood up for Israel and the Jewish people. Is Zuhdi Jasser one of them? IMHO, that’s the litmus test.

  8. “I for one am not persuaded by MAS’s argumentation”

    Why? Because you do not believe that posted email is genuine or because it does not prove that statement “[MASH] sent her an obscenity-laced e-mail” is a lie?

    “Debbie Schlussel … has never steered the Tundra Tabloids wrong, never.”

    Really? Even when she claimed that Steven Emerson, Brigitte Gabriel, John Loftus, Walid Shoebat, etc. are frauds and liars? Even after that you still believe that Debbie has an impeccable judgment?

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