EU Parliament President Reveals Just How Deep The Rabbit Hole Goes…….

The President’s big scheme

Hans Gert-Poettering:
Just give me some of that old time religionPure evil, and right from their own mouths, how brazenly honest. They (the EU elite) are trying to entice the Irish (and the Poles by default) to vote yes on the Lisbon treaty, by dangling the religion carrot in front of their eyes as they maneuver in for the kill. It’s the old slight of hand trick played by many a con-man on a pigeon while they deprive them of their possessions.Once “inter-religious dialogue” becomes institutionalized throughout the EU, with the Lisbon Treaty/EU Constitution as the guide book, watch out for every heavy handed measure in the book, when the “rights of the gods” again trumps that of the rights of men. This is a major admission by a top EU official, which should send shivers down every liberty loving citizen in Europe and abroad. KGSGod, crisis, the Lisbon EU Treaty and the Irish

The Gods Squad – various clerics, imams, vicars, cardinals, archbishops, bishops, grand muftis and rabbis – was back in town on Monday.

They all trooped into the European Commission’s Berlaymont HQ for another bout of “inter-religious” dialogue.

I have blogged here before on why it might be that an out of touch, unpopular and referendum-phobic EU should look for divine help.

Both eurocrats and theocrats have plenty in common. Both are a preachy bunch and like nothing more than to lay on the guilt trips. Both derive their authority from a higher source than the public.

Last year, the Gods Squad was here to pass on their revealed wisdom on climate change to the commission. This year it was the economic crisis.

They didn’t appear to have much to say apart from the old schtick about the need to remember moral values in the pursuit for earthly gain.

This is a vital insight for EU policymakers, who are currently drafting new regulations on hedge funds, I’m sure you will agree.

But Hans Gert-Poettering, the clappy-happy German Christian Democrat and European Parliament president, could not resist using the gig to link old time religion to the Lisbon Treaty.

The Irish, he argued, should (above all) note that the renamed EU Constitution will institutionalise consultation between Brussels institutions and religious clerics.

“If the Lisbon Treaty should not come into force, with new leaderships in the commission and parliament, they could abolish this dialogue because legally it is not binding,” he said.

“With the Treaty of Lisbon when it comes into force, and this is Ireland’s responsibility, then this inter-religious dialogue is legally binding for all the EU’s institutions.”

“This is the first time ever our churches and religious communities are included in the law of the EU. I think this is very important and it is an argument, alongside others, to say yes to the Lisbon Treaty in Ireland.”

Mr Poettering’s message is clear: if Ireland wants the Church in politics then vote Yes to the Treaty. READ MORE HERE

dangle, dangle, dangle


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