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Gates of Vienna Offers Closer Look at Pro-Köln, as Anti-Islamization Congress Begins Tomorrow…….

Domestic intelligence service tactics
disturbingly Stasi-like.

Pro-Köln supporters

The Tundra Tabloids would like to publicly thank Baron Bodissey of the Gates of Vienna and his correspondent VH, for the valuable service they have provided for the interested reader and/or supporter of this European anti-islamization movement, Pro-Köln. A lot of time and effort went into the research and preparation of the material gathered, which proves that much of the hype over the Pro-Köln’s upcoming conference scheduled to take place tomorrow, was indeed, manufactured, whose claims have the consistency of helium when the facts are brought to the light of day. Many thanks for a well researched, and honest report.

READ IT ALL. A closer Look at Pro-Köln

One point I would like to make concerns the “pamphlet” that according to VH:

Neither text of the “pamphlet” itself, nor a “solidarity with Palestine” text elsewhere has so far been found in connection with or linked to Pro-Köln. This is not to suggest that these people are involved in hacking or planting that page, but it does not make it very reliable. The conclusion may therefore be that at least this is a mysterious page, but no “proof” of anything.”

More than likely it was indeed a plant, but I want to draw attention to the fact that Pro-Köln, in fact denies support and approval (that is being used in Germany, to smear them as being “right-wing extremists”) of something that SDP, Greens and other Leftist politicians elsewhere in Europe whole heartily approve of, that being, equating Israeli politics vis-a-vis the Palestinians with Nazi German atrocities.

Here in Finland, Finnish politicians, like former FM, Erkki Tuomioja, in two different interviews years apart, compared Israeli policies with that of the Nazis “while being a member of the Finnish government and/or of Parliament”. Read Efraim Karsh’s:

European Misreading of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict:
Finnish Foreign Minister Tuomioja – A Case Study

So by the anti-Pro-Köln’s logic, many of the Left-wingers in the Finnish Parliament (no matter how misguided they are) are dangerous Right-Wing extremists. But the truth be told, any comparison made between Israeli policies and that of the German Nationalist Socialism genocide machine, is indeed anti-Semitic, but like VH states, this is something that the Pro-Köln organizers reject, but the same can’t be said of many a Left-wing politician throughout Europe, especially in Scandinavia. KGS

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