Voice of Sanity in Europe: The Dutch Parliament Voice Support of Israel and Shun Hamas…….

Thankfully Geert Wilders’
Party for Freedom exists

Geert Wilders: Talking with homicidal religious supremacists is not an optionH/T: Baron BodisseyGert Wilders is one of the sane lone voices crying out in the wilderness warning about the dangers that lie ahead, and the need to act properly with those who refuse to live in accordance with Western morals and human values. The man is spot on, and yet the idiots, stooges and dhimmis seethe in anger for his uncompromising ways.The law that was just passed by the Dutch parliament, is another prime example of the Party for Freedoms’ relevancy in this troubled time, where obvious policy decisions vis-a-vis totalitarianists seem to easily confound the European political elite. It’s so ridiculously obvious that a child could spot it, yet the political analysts, think tanks and myopic politicians think that appeasement and dialogue is the answer to everything, when in reality it solves nothing, when dealing with the likes of the Hamas terror organization.Dutch parliament agrees to block all dialogue with Hamas

The Dutch parliament on Tuesday approved a motion seeking to block any dialogue between government officials and Hamas, Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom announced. The motion – made in effort to counter growing calls in Europe to engage the Islamist group in dialogue – was put forward by MP Raymond de Roon, third on Wilders’ list. “We should never even talk to an organization that seeks the downfall of Israel. I am therefore glad that my resolution was accepted, de Roon said. In the motion, de Roon requested the government “ensure the terrorist organization Hamas is excluded from any international debate or governance forum,” a party spokesperson told Haaretz. “Hamas is not only anti-Zionist,” de Roon previously wrote about Hamas. “It is anti-Jewish and a racist organization. If the West speaks to Hamas, it will foment Jew-hatred.” He added this hatred “flows directly from the pages of the Koran.”The controversial and publicly pro-Zionist Party for Freedom seeks to “protect the Netherlands from Islamization” by halting and minimizing the effects of immigration from non-Western countries. Recent polls predict the party, which in 2006 won nine seats out of 150 in parliament, would nab 32 seats if elections were held now.

NOTE:I’m sure that Finland’s Foreign Minister, Alexander Stubb has his shorts all tied up in a knot over the Dutch vote. The Dutch once again frustrate the unity of Europe. HAHAHAHAHA Stubb: at this rate, we’ll never have a united foreign policy. Darn!

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