CNN media bias US politics

CNN Reporter Gets Her Comeuppance From Angry Demonstrators…….

You can only push an American so far,
before they say enough is enough!

CNN reporter, Susan Roesgen, covering a tax revolt “Tea Party” demonstration in Chicago, gets taken to task for her selective reporting and disingenuous remarks after she interviews a guy who calls Obama a fascist, then disses a guy who says he doesn’t want Obama’s 50 billion. She then blames the attitude of the crowd on Fox news, and seems bewildered to find out that it’s a bi-partisan demonstration.

Make no mistake, the same CNN reporter would never have thought of doing the same at an anti-Bush demo, that is interviewing people with signs that read “Bush is Hitler” etc.. The bias of the liberal media is so glaringly obvious that it’s at times amusing to behold, especially when the people in the vicinity pick up on it and give the media rep a blast with both barrels. Enjoy. KGS

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