International Free Press Society’s Website Has Been Under Cyber Attack…….

Islam can’t hope to compete in the marketplace of ideas
So it resorts to sabotaging independent thought

Over this past weekend, the International Free Press Society has been in the news for its advertising of an autographed copy of Kurt Westergaard’s Turban Bomb Mohamed, currently selling for $250.00 dollars a pop. The IFPS is now in the news once more, due to it’s website being hacked and brought down, thereby rendering the whole project dead-in-the-water. Or so you would think.But this is the age of the international blogger, we have ways to keep ourselves one step ahead of those who would try to silence our message. As the situation has developed, it turns out that the hacker, like throwing a bucket of water on a grease fire, has done something to help spread the IFPS’s message further than it would have ever had the chance to do under normal circumstances.turbanbomb2 The Baron adds: “Feel free to borrow one of the images here and add it to your sidebar. Please include links to freepresssociety.blogspot.com, internationalfreepresssociety.wordpress.com, or the original restored site, http://www.internationalfreepresssociety.org/.Provided that enough people do this, the attempts to silence IFPS will become counterproductive. The enemies of Western civilization have taken aim at a single website, but in its place a thousand, ten thousand, or a hundred thousand copies of the same information will appear.If we harness the power of the internet to spread the word, a mere cyber attack is not enough to stop us.”Here is an article in the Jyllands-Posten describing the recent events, and by the looks of things, though the main site is still down, the Turban Bomb Mohamed is still selling like hot cakes! KGSH/T: HenrikHackers sabotaging the sale of drawings

The association, through its website sells 1,000 copies signed by the famous drawing of Muhammed with a bomb in a turban, have been systematically attacked by Internet hackers. During Easter the International Free Press Society website experienced a systematic hacker attack, which has since decreased.The organization assumes that the attack took place because IFPS shortly before Easter began the sale of a luxury-press limited editions of Kurt Wester’s famous drawing of the turban bomb.The sale is taking place to raise money for IFPS ‘struggle for freedom of expression. It was mentioned in U.S. newspapers, the story was taken up by the media in Indonesia, Jordan and around the Persian Gulf. In April, during the morning, a massive cyber attack began on the IFPS website, which went to black.Many U.S. blogs have reacted in solidarity, by downloading IFPS into their websites. To spread the target makes the task almost impossible for hackers, with intensive bombing of bytes can bring individual goals to collapse. Among the temporary hosts is Gates of Vienna and right side news. Com.Almost sold out The interest in the purchase of Kurt Wester’s subscription is massive and warehouse of 1,000 hand-signed drawings are almost sold out. Drawings are sent to customers in Canada, USA, Hong Kong, Bulgaria, Germany, Austria, Norway, Finland, France and other countries. IFPS believe that the attack only benefits. The organization’s vice president, Diana West, said in a press release: “Besides causing the demand for the drawing to rise, so has this serious cyber attack against freedom of expression intensified awareness of the importance of IFPS’s mission.”Kurt Westergaard adds: “The despicable attempt to close us down will not succeed for them. It will soon be realized for freedom’s enemies that their hacker-attack on IFPS website has made us even more determined to get our message out. I am delighted that so many people have already bought my drawing. It is good to know that freedom of expression have defenders all over the world. ”

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