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WCC Living Letters Delegation Dumps on Israel…….

Like drunks looking for their keys by the lampost,
because it’s the only logical place to look

Lutheran Bishop Munib Younan:
I was once blind but now I don’t see!

The Tundra Tabloids has stated time and again, that the words of religious leaders living within a tyranny or in a harsh authoritarian regime, must be judged very carefully. Religious leaders within state sanctioned churches in the former Soviet Union, or within Communist China, were/are either true cogs in the party machine, mouthing the official line for Western consumption, or they are just trying to limit the suffering to their flock, from those who can do them most harm, the state and those who support it.

It’s really something to see, over and over again, buffoonish religious leaders traveling to these areas to view the horse and pony shows the locals parade before them, and then swallowing it whole. Willful dupes or just plain simple minded dupes, take a pick.

Here’s another choice example of the tomfoolery that parades itself as justified concerns, but on the contrary, being nothing more than a great distortion of reality. The TT takes a special look at the Lutheran Bishop, Munib Younan, who is the chief disseminator of this Palestinian false propaganda, being very much responsible for distorting the truth to the Finnish public on a regular basis.

Israeli occupation puts strain on Palestinian Christians”
WCC Living Letters delegation

Churches around the world must speak out and act for justice in Israel and Palestine, church leaders told members of an ecumenical delegation visiting the region from 7 to 14 March.

Members of the delegation – a Living Letters team visiting on behalf of the World Council of Churches (WCC) – learned of the many ways in which churches in the region cooperate to provide social services and advocate for peace and justice. But as the already low Palestinian Christian population continues to dwindle, and life becomes increasingly difficult for Palestinian people living under Israeli occupation, the work of churches is coming under strain, and support is desperately needed, the delegation was told.

“Living Letters” are small international ecumenical teams travelling to locations around the world where Christians strive to overcome violence. Their goal is to express the solidarity of the ecumenical family and learn how people are dealing with the challenges that face them.

One would be hard pressed to rationalize why Christian Arabs are leaving in droves from the West Bank and Gaza, though the population of the Palestinians are increasing year to year. They make it all a fault of the “continued occupation” by Israel. If so, why then are Christian Arabs not Muslims, the only ones emmigrating due to untold suffering? The latter however, seem very intent on increasing their numbers, occupation or not.

That’s a conondrum the dear Bishop and his fellow religionists dare not attempt to crack, because it would lead to a conclusion that would put them and their flock in disfavor with the Muslim majority.

Bishop Munib Younan said it was important to understand that injustice now could fuel extremism in the future, across all three religions in the region. Already this was being manifested in numerous ways, he said – for example, in the rise to power of ultra-orthodox personalities in the Israeli government, in the strong support for Israel by Christian Zionists, and in the quest for power among Islamic fundamentalists.

Nowhere was the impact of these tensions clearer than in the recent war on Gaza, said Bishop Younan. A team of clergy recently visited the Gaza Strip. What they saw there in the wake of the December to January Israeli air strikes was destruction on a monumental scale, and a people traumatized by the violence they had experienced.

“I’ve travelled a great deal in the world, and this is the first time I’ve seen children without a smile,” said Bishop Younan. “The children of Gaza cannot smile. Where is the conscience of the world?”

The time for negotiations had passed, he said, and it was time to act. “The churches must not keep quiet about this. They must be prophetic voices. Don’t leave us alone in our struggle. Help us by raising your voices to speak more clearly on justice, the sharing of Jerusalem, an end to the occupation, and a viable state for Palestinians, living side-by-side with the state of Israel.”

You see something missing people? No mention of the rise of Islamic fundamentalism in the disputed territories, not one mention at all, it’s supposedly the only place in the Middle East in which a Christian minority is not experiencing trouble from a resurgent Islam. That’s what Munib Younan would have you to believe, the rise of supposed “ultra-orthodox” Jews in the government are to blame for the lack of interest in peace, not genocidal Muslim Arabs who murder Jews for the sake of murdering Jews.

For Munib Younan, everything happens within a bubble. Israel’s protective barrier is not a response to something, like terrorism, it’s just there because Israel has nothing better to do than to waste money and make the Arabs’ lives miserable. The Bishop would have you to believe that the Gaza war is just another example Israeli aggression, not an effort to halt the daily bombarment of rockets upon the citizens of Israel.

It’s so bone-headed obvious what the man of the soiled cloth is trying to do, that one not even try hard to counter his nonsense. Yet, the Finnish Lutheran (liberal) church leaders eat up his message from beginning to end, because deep down, they have no desire to hear the truth, they are brain dead to it. KGS

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