Now you’ve made us REALLY mad!

Now Somali insurgents fire mortars at U.S. congressman
after high seas hostage drama

Somali insurgents have fired mortars in an attack on a visiting U.S. congressman, just hours after pirates vowed revenge on America for killing three of their own during a high-seas standoff. The insurgents fired one mortar at an airport when Donald Payne’s plane was due to take off. They fired five others after his plane departed. No one at the airport was hurt, but three people were wounded when one of the mortars landed in a nearby neighbourhood.

The Tundra Tabloids good friend (and on target than most “experts” could ever hope to be) TINSC states in the comment section to another post about the US captain being freed:”Back when George Bush was President, whenever our military won a battle against Arab terrorists (That’s what these Somali Pirates are.) the bad-guys would say: “Now you’ve made us REALLY mad!” In response, the LIB media would chime in with: “Yah! Now we’ve made them REALLY mad at us. Thanks President Bush! You’re always warring with Muslims and taking political credit for victories. Now we know why Muslims hate us. It’s all your fault. And by the way, don’t look now but we’re LOSING the war.”In case you hadn’t noticed, the Somali terrorists are telling us: “Now we’re REALLY mad!” Yet, we haven’t seen the above mentioned theses offered in response to this recent hostage rescue. Apparently, when the LIB media has “their guy” in the White House, none of these complaints are valid anymore.”You sure got that right TINSC, as always, you are one step ahead of everyone else in your analysis of US politics. KGS

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