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Transcription of Audio/Videos Taken at the Al-Farooq Mosque in Tennessee…….

Transcription of video/audio of young Muslim girl who speaks about being married and of child abuse as the Al-Farooq Youth Center. Pamela at Atlas has the transcription as well.

Tape I

child: You have to kick them out

Adult: What’s a good place for me to live?

Child: Not in Shelbyville ….. Shelbyville is not a good place because there’s a lot of security there

Adult: There are a lot of Somalis there?

Child: Somalians? Well yeah. [unclear 0:22-0:24] First they used to be Spanish speaking then Americans, and then they came all [unclear 0:28-0:31] Somalia.. [ asks then a question, unclear]

Adult: I don’t know, I’ll have to find some place. Do you know where there’s Clarksville or Crossville

Child: Crossville hhhmm…

Adult: Those are places I was looking

Child: [unclear 0:59] ..there is a place where people can hide in, friends, in my friends house that have a little place to hide in and they stay in there.

Adult: Also find some place that maybe has like a river or a lake or something like…..

Tape II

Adult: Do you go out with? (unclear…check)

Child: Nine O’clock…do you know Sanku, do you know Sanku?

Adult: Kind of a big teacher?

Child: Do you know [unclear 0:14] I want to work there, it’s a very good place. But do you know the teachers, they hit the children

Adult: They hit you? Hard?

Child: The hit us so hard.

Adult: Do they hurt you?

Child: Yes, today, today [unclear 030-0:34] …do you know what, a little bit, my legs .. hurt..I walk like this and then I tripped down a little bit…

Adult: but that was an accident, that’s ok.

Tape III

Child: They took all of them all of them, and do you know my husband, my [unclear 0:06]? and do you know the car, they should have…..

It’s a question of the authorities of getting to the bottom of these claims, which in my opinion are serious enough to warrant the state’s investigation. It wouldn’t come as a surprise that such abuses are in fact occuring at the mosque run school, as well as the claim by the little girl that she is in fact married. Kudos to Atlas for bringing this to the light of day. KGS

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  1. Oh, come on. “Serious enough to warrant the state’s investigation?” No way. This is a mosque run school – which means islam. It gets a free pass. On pretty much everything.

    It will come out that whoever asked the questions, i.e., “They hit you? Hard?” It was a “leading question.” Someone put the idea into the child’s head. Oh, and the “and do you know my husband?” that’ll be explained that she married another child friend on the playground. Or something.

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