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Opinion Poll: Scandinavians Not Interested in Moving to Finland…….

It’s unclear however, whether it accurately depicts Nordic opinions about moving to Finland, if the question was posed differently, the responses might be more favorable. Taken at face value, the poll serves the current political policy of increased immigration by anyone from anywhere in the world that’s willing to make the move.
The TT also suspects that if questioned in the proper way, you would find Swedes or Norwegians more willing to think about Finland, especially when they realize that Finland has a sizable Swedish speaking minority in Helsinki, Turku and Vaasa. But inducing the peoples from neighboring states is not the answer, it never was.
As long as the Nordic states refuse to embark on a policy of promoting the badly needed increase in their own domestic birth rates, the multiculturalists will continue to use the aging workforce as a wedge to radically change their own ethnic homogeneous societies through mass immigration. Government planners need to be picky over what immigrants are best suited for the Finnish job market. One important criteria for the politicians to mull over, is that potential immigrants to Finland need to be driven for success in the job market, not in the crime statistics. KGS
Finland is not favored by other Nordic residents. A recent opinion poll showed that in Denmark only one in a hundred wanted to to live in Finland – and interest in the rest of the Nordic countries are not any greater than that. Of Swedes interviewed, four percent would be willing to move to Finland, Norwegians, only two percent. Icelanders were not included in the study.
The question posed: “If you should choose another Nordic country in which to live, where would it be?”
The Finns would like to move, preferably to Sweden, the main destination for Finnish immigrants in the 60’s and 70’s. 41 percent of Finnish respondents mentioned Sweden as the consensus target. In second place Finns chose Norway – a high figure (30 percent), explained by the fact that the country has recently improved the salary for nurses coming from Finland”

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  1. Finland is a solid, Nordic country. I’ve lived there and there are a lot of good things about the country. But all the Nordic countries are in the same boat, we all need people. Either we have to reproduce better or we have to do without. Importing human beings in the belief that inside every human being there is a Scandinavian ready to pop out is a big mistake.

    There’s unemployment in Germany, though. They could be ready to come.

  2. The Danes tend to think that Finland is too cold place to live. The language is also a huge barrier for all Nordics even though there’s a vibrant Swedish-language culture around here.

    Personally, I like a decent winter that you don’t get if you live in Denmark.

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