Mohamed Turban Bomb Print Finally Hitting MSM…….

Selling like hotcackes!

Lars: Hedegaard: “All we are doing is starting a debate”The international media is finally getting wind of the Danish Free Press Society’s selling of Kurt Westergaard’s famous cartoon of Mohamed in a turban bomb for $250. The more publicity the better, and it serves a great cause! KGSFox news: COPENHAGEN — A Danish press freedom group said Wednesday it is selling copies of a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad that caused outrage across the Muslim World. Some 1,000 printed reproductions of a drawing depicting the prophet wearing a bomb-shaped turban are being sold for 1,400 kroner ($250) each, said Lars Hedegaard, chairman of the Danish Free Press Society. “All we are doing is starting a debate,” Hedegaard said. “We are using our freedom of speech.”al-AP: “Hedegaard said Danish artist Kurt Westergaard, who drew the cartoon in 2005, had given the society permission to produce the copies and sell them. Each numbered copy has been signed by Westergaard, Hedegaard said.”NYPOST: CONTROVERSIAL CARTOON ON SALE FOR $250 “We have not, and are not, breaking any laws,” Hedegaard told The Associated Press.”UPDATE: More media reports.National Post: COPENHAGEN — Denmark’s Free Press Society is selling prints of a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed published by a Danish newspaper in 2005 that angered the Muslim world, it said on its website Wednesday.Miami Herald: COPENHAGEN — A Danish press freedom group said Wednesday it is selling copies of a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad that caused outrage across the Muslim World.DANISH FREE PRESS SOCIETY

Now you can ensure an exclusive printing of our era’s famous image Who does not remember the Mohammed crisis? Violence and trouble, trade boycott, burned embassies, over 100 deaths during violent demonstrations, death threats against the artists and editors. All this as a result of the Jyllands-Posten’s decision to publish 12 cartoons of Prophet Muhammed, 30 september 2005. Now is your chance to own an exclusive reproduction of this icon which has not previously been put up for sale. In collaboration with Kurt Westergaard, The Press Freedom company printed a limited run of 1,000 copies. Each print is individually numbered and signed by the artist. The image is printed in lysbestandige colors and fine paper size 42 x 21.5 cm. We provide a solid tube. We pay for shipping and postage. Proceeds from the sale goes to Free Press Society’s struggle for freedom of expression. Especially one of the drawings elicited a world covered the Islamic fury and has since acquired the status of today’s iconic image: Kurt Wester’s drawing of the Prophet with a bomb in a turban. The picture got Kurt Westergaard world fame, but also he has since then been forced to live under constant police protection. Despite threats and actual attempted murder planned by Islamists, he has never expressed any regret and never said sorry to be a free artist.

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