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Finnish Nobel Laureate Martti Ahtisaari Wants Hamas at Bargaining Table…….

Martti Ahtisaari:
We have our best minds working on the problem,
so don’t worry Israel, we’ll figure out how to bargain with genocidal maniacs”
Martti Ahtisaari’s deductive reasoning on the Israeli-Arab conflict, is in part, the product of the faulty and skewed reports he receives from “think tanks” and policy institutes like the Finnish Institute for Foreign Affairs (UPI), the Centre for European Policy Studies, (CEPS) and a host of other myopic, self defeating institutions scattered throughout Europe and abroad.
The institution Ahtisaari himself heads, Crisis Management Initiative (CMI), in fact, has a researcher on board as an advisor, Heidi Huuhtanen, with whom the Tundra Tabloids has debated in length concerning Hamas. The best Ms.Huuhtanen could come up with after a plethora of exchanged emails was that, “we’ll just have to wait and see”.
The woman couldn’t deal with the fact that Hamas means what it says, says what it means, and that its charter is carefully crafted to express what they are all about, that being, the destruction of Israel and an Islamic state rising from its ashes. Ms.Huuhtanen couldn’t refute the fact that in order for Hamas to recognize Israel, it would have to cease to exist as being Hamas.
The recognition of one dissolves the other, it’s a conundrum that these “analysts” refuse to address, because they can’t, and since they’re in the business of providing analysis for others to help solve difficult problems, they shut their eyes to the facts, ask us to just “hope for the best”.
That is what Heidi Huuhtanen did at the end of our email exchanges, hope for the best, that was the best she cold come up with, and it’s her “expert” analysis and advice that is helping former Finnish president, Martti Ahtisaari make an international fool out of himself, by expecting everyone “THAT KNOWS BETTER” to believe that Hamas will give up the religious supremacist mandate it believes it has received from on high. Dream on.
These former politicians and analysts are playing with peoples lives, and in spite of their good intentions, are rewarding disingenuous parties like Hamas, with notions of credibility and thoughts of eventual success. And why shouldn’t Hamas be encouraged, they can say or do what they wish, and never, ever be made to pay the price for their actions, nor the people that placed them into positions of power?
The useful “goodists” in the West, will come a running time and again to rescue them from the ramifications of their actions. With useful stooges like that, why is there a need to change course, why should they actually want to rescind their goals on the having it all, when the rest of the world seems oblivious, or willfully blind to the obvious? KGS
Bret Stephens: “As for Israel, Goodist pressure is applied almost exclusively upon it for the same reason that people search for lost keys under the lamppost: that is, Israel is the one country in this region likely to yield to Goodist indignation. On the other hand, Goodists are not so effective when it comes to dealing with dictators and other nasties. One problem is that Goodists are too sure of their own cleverness. […]
Chamberlain and the other Goodists failed in their respective peace overtures because they were each convinced they could outwit and outmaneuver their opposite numbers. They did not take into consideration the tyrant’s perfect willingness to drop out of the whole game of good intentions — to stand up, say “no,” and walk out. ”
YLE: Nobel Peace Prize winner, President Martti Ahtisaari says that a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, is difficult to succeed unless the Palestinians in the Hamas organization, are included in the political process. The United States considers Hamas a terrorist organization.
Middle East peace process is progressing with the new U.S. administration, “said President Ahtisaari, who is lecturing in Washington, to YLE news. Also that the economic crisis may advance peace projects.
– I am prepared for the fact that now is an excellent opportunity to progress on disarmament. A good side to the fiscal crisis, is that, while the first must of course be of economic order, the political side has now better opportunities for cooperation in a long time, assessed Ahtisaari.
President Ahtisaari also sees conditions for more wide ranging peace efforts. Hän toivoo, että Lähi-itä käsitettäisiin kokonaisuutena, johon kuuluvat myös Syyria, Iran ja Irak sekä Afganistan ja Pakistan. He hopes that the Middle East, will thought of as a whole, which also includes Syria, Iran and Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan.

NOTE: Heidi Huuhtanen has previously worked as an analyst at the Office of Prince Hassan bin Talal of Jordan at the Royal Court in Amman. Now she’s back.

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