France: Pro-Israel Stance Draws Demands For Paris Grand Mosque Imam’s Ouster…….

Be careful what you say Boubakeur,
or your flock will start demanding more than just your ouster

Paris Grand Mosque Imam Dalil Boubakeur:
I thought I was safe in condemning radical genocidal maniacs?Come on Imam, you should know better that Islam does not distinguish between hardliner and moderate, Islamist and dove, it’s all just Islam. That’s why your coreligionists are demanding that you resign, in spited of the fact that you were just condemning the Hamas, a racist, supremacist murdering organization.Think about it, it’s like the Bishop of Canterbury being hounded by British citizens for condemning the racist activities of the neo-Nazis or other white supremacists. In the “new Europe”, those who take a moral stand are the criminals, and those who oppose them are the vanguards of truth and justice. KGSFrench Muslims slam preacher over statements

Members of France’s Muslim community called for ousting the director of the Paris Grand Mosque after comments he had made in a French magazine that were interpreted as praising Israel and justifying its latest offensive in Gaza.In an interview Wednesday with the tourist magazine SVP-Israel, the Paris Grand Mosque imam Dalil Boubakeur lashed out at Hamas for firing missiles at Israel and implied that Israel’s reaction was justified. “Concerning the latest event in Gaza, I personally believe that when organizations like Hamas bomb Israel over several years, they essentially generate Israeli reactions and expose the Palestinian population to reprisals,” he told the magazine.

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