Hamas to Children: Death is Honor and Victory…….

The true nature of fundamentalist Islam

PMW: Hamas continues its compelling message to children that death, not life, is the prime value. The following lyrics have been appearing regularly in a song on the children’s program Tomorrow’s Pioneers on Hamas TV:

“Teach the children that death is honor and victory.Through death, we seek to bring the dawn and the day.” [Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas), March 20, 2009]

While the words are being sung, a young girl throws darts shaped like missiles at a target shaped like the Star of David, promoting another repeating Hamas message – violence against Israel. When the target is hit and the Star of David falls, the young girl raises her hands in victory. Truly sick, and yet, the international media yawns, because, that’s what they expect from them right? KGS H/T Palestinian Media Watch

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