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AIG bonuses are bad!

I’m sure glad I got my cut of $101,332!But keeps mum about US taxpayers to fund AIG’s Sharia Law financing Diana West informs the Tundra Tabloids about her latest article at Townhall.com, concerning Senator Dodd’s lying about his role in writing the language for the AIG bonus protection legislation, but also on how the US taxpayer will be forced to underwrite “every toxic asset that AIG has” including the Sharia compliant insurance sector, as the US government nationalizes AIG and “We The People” assume control. KGS

Forget Bonus Outrage, What About ‘ShariAIG?’

Takaful insurance, our very own AIG Takaful Web site explains, “avoids prohibited elements in accordance with the Sharia law,” adding: “We do not invest in anything that is haram (prohibited under Sharia). We do not borrow, lend or enter into any financial transaction that is unIslamic.”

At the very least — aside from promoting from the law of the Koran, Osama bin Laden, the Taliban, the mullahs of Iran, the clerics of Saudi Arabia (not to mention Afghanistan, whose Sharia-supreme “justice” system recently upheld a journalist’s 20-year prison sentence for “blasphemy”) — taxpayer support for AIG is by definition sectarian and therefore in violation of the Establishment Clause of the Constitution.

It is on these grounds — that the American taxpayer is now directly funding sectarian Islamic religious activities — that a lawsuit, conducted by the Thomas More Law Center, has been filed against the government. Recently, the Justice Department, another U.S. taxpayer-funded entity last time I checked, entered the case to defend the AIG bailout, filing a motion to dismiss, the Thomas More Law Center notes, based on this being a time of “crisis.”

You better believe this is a time of crisis — but not the crisis envisioned by Justice officials charged with safeguarding gross government fecklessness. Only two of our elected officials — Reps. Sue Myrick, R-N.C., and Frank Wolf, R-Va., and bless them for it — have publicly decried the government’s AIG Sharia-bailout; that’s a crisis. Chump change bonuses arouse the wrath of the nation — not the nefarious movement to nationalize the marketplace; that’s a crisis, too. The American people are angry, good. But we need to understand there are far more important things to be angry about.

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