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Muzzled in Finland Once More…….

This time around it’s a city social office worker, a boss no less,
that runs afoul with Finnish Minorities Ombudsman, Johanna Suurpää.
Suurpää looking for another victim

Harri Eerikäinen, a chief for a social services office in Helsinki, was forwarded a letter two years ago, which he read, then forwarded to a number of other people from his office computer. He recently received a letter of reprimand, and could possibly be fired if he does not show a proper regret for his actions. I have no idea if he has done so, or if he is planning to do so at least at this time.
Here is the letter of reprimend as well as the content of the email, which, even though one might disagree with the perspective of the author, captures pretty much what the average Finn would think as being culturally Finnish. In many repsects, it’s a cleaver piece of written script. KGS

Unprofessional spreading of a racist email from a city computer. The notice came to the attention of the employer through the Minorities Ombudsman office. The Minorities Ombudsman has become aware that Helsinki social office chief Harri Eerikäinen (Rehabilitation and home and institution service division) has sent the said email from a work email address. Included with Eerikäinen’s message is information that it was sent to a number of people.
Chapter 7
Termination at the initiative of the employer
The grounds for individual termination are specified in Sec. 2 in which two types of reasons are described: serious violation or omission of the employee’s essential duties, and incapacity to work resulting from a change of conditions that belongs to the risks of the employee (e.g. imprisonment). Save the most serious cases of misconduct, the employee must be provided with a warning and an opportunity to change his behavior prior to the termination.
The employer must also ascertain whether or not the employee can be relocated in other work in the undertaking or within a group of undertakings controlled by the employer. Sec. 2 further lists grounds which in no event can be considered to justify a termination, such as the employee’s illness which has not caused permanent disability to work, participation in an organized industrial action, or the employee’s political or religious opinions.

Guide for those moving to Finland

First check that you really have a sensible reason for moving to Finland. Also, make sure that you are coming to Finland as an individual. Do not come to Finland as tribe, clan, herd, a minority group, the People’s team, a group of bandits or an occupying army. In Finland, we live the Finnish experience. Below is discussed some of the Finnish customs and traditions that may affect you as strange. They are, however, according to Finns, really good habits and traditions.


In Finland it is customary for one to support him/herself and their families through work.


Fertilizers are not for making bombs. Fertilizers are put into the ground for the earth to produce more food.


Piggy is good to eat. There may be many kinds of delicious dishes such as grilled sausages, barbecue, and the side of ham. Finnish food is good, the French can say anything they want. In Finland you can eat cows, blood pancakes, pigs, and buttermilk. We serve a number of strange foods, such as mämmiä or sour cream croutons with talkkuna. On the other hand, in Finland, we do not serve fried little baby rice petals (related to pedophilia). Including cruelty to animals is forbidden in Finland, so the animal must not be subjected to torture by cutting the throat open, and the bleeding of it dry. The oven is for food purposes. Oven is not for heating foot ointment. (an immigrant caused an oven to blow because of it)


In Finland, women are as valuable as men. They can drive a car and travel alone and longer than a camel’s day trip from home. Women can choose their spouses themselves. Very often, women also go to work. Women can visit the swimming pool at the same time with men, which is very handy, because, therefore, there is no need for separate swimming pool times for men and women. Moreover, in Finland there is equality going on: of male and female doctors and nurses treat all patients. This is very handy, because then there is no need for separate hospitals for women and for men. In Finland, women are not put into a black bag. A black bag has trash placed in it.


In Finland, the girls and boys can play with each other. Also, girls can attend school together with the boys. All receive the same primary schooling. That is precisely why it is called primary. Arts and crafts and music are very nice things. They may not be an exempted for religious reasons. Also, girls may continue their schooling beyond the primary.


In Finland, children’s sex organs is not clipped. It is therefore quite natural that older girls and boys begin to socialize with each other. They can choose their partners all by themselves. Often, girls and boys experiment with sex at quite a young age, before marriage. It is quite OK. But it is not OK for an adult to engage in sex with someone under the age of 16 years old. Pressing the member between tightly squeezed thighs is also sex, which an adult male may not take up with someone under the age of 16 years old.

In the Summer, women like to walk with fewer clothes, and men like to watch lightly dressed women. In Finland we have a saying that you can watch, but not touch. That means without permission. A woman may also, at any time withdraw her permission for relations. In Finland we have a saying, that, giving an impression does not mean permission is given. It is not even in the Finnish men’s view, to seem fun, but rape is forbidden in Finland. Pants on and a new worm on a hook.

Finns are not much interested in what others are doing in the bedroom, as long as it its not done in front of their faces. Homosexuality is not crime in Finland. That means that gays should not be killed.

In Finland, an HIV infection is not cured by raping a virgin. HIV-positive people are aware of their responsibilities and make every effort not to infect others.

Pussies are not touched by scissors.


Suomen pääuskonto on luterilaisuus. Finland’s main religion is Lutheranism. There are alot of other faiths, and people are free to choose their own religion. Many traditions in Finnish cultural are based on Lutheranism, and the Finns respect them, even though many have resigned from the church. Those who leave the church are not killed.


The Finns like to sit naked in hot room where their is a stove in the corner. Shoes cannot be dried on the stoves stones. Water is thrown onto the stone which evaporates. In Sauna, one can hit himself with Birch branches and then run into the cold lake. In the Finnish perspective it’s fun. Whole families often sauna at the same time. Groups of friends, also men and women who go to the sauna at the same time, and there is not anything sexual about it. You are naked in a sauna. If you use swimming trousers, so that Allah will not see your peepee, then all will think that you are small. After sauna, a beer and a pork sausage tastes just fine.


Important Finnish holidays are for example, Christmas, midsummer and Labor Day. At Christmas time a Christmas tree is decorated, Christmas songs are sung, presents exchanged and ham is eaten. For most Finns, Christmas is more of a family uniting celebration than a religious celebration.

During Midsummer liquor is drunk, staring with deep contemplation at the lake in the bright summer night and burning a bonfire. Tires or whole cars are not to be burned in a Midsummer bonfire. Burning tires are not under any circumstance to be placed around a person’s neck.

During Spring School Festival the song “Jo joutui armas aika”. In everyones opinion it’s a good thing, that school ends and summer begins. If you are really disturbed by the Spring Verse being sung, call Puumalainen (Minority Ombudsman) and flee to Timbuktu.

May Day is the holiday when the Finns march through the streets carrying funny placards, however without shouting äbäläwäbälää. Even the throwing of street stones is not covered by Finnish May Day traditions.

Independence Day reception at the presidential palace is a festival, where all the guests shake hands with the president. In Finland one does not have to come a party, if one does not want to.


The Finns like to drink alcohol not only during Christmas, Midsummer, and in May. It’s not of course, the world’s smartest exercise, but it now happens to be a tradition here. Some other people’s traditions include drugs such as cannabis and khat, which are banned in Finland.


Drinking liquor often leads to wrestling. In Finland, there is more or less fighting, but no stabbing or killing, at least not strangers.


Rape – including group rape – is really forbidden in Finland. If a woman is raped, she is not stoned, instead the rapist is put into prison. Honor murder in Finland does not have any honor. Film-makers cannot be killed, even if you feel they made a bad movie. The same is true for a cartoonist and, in particular a columnist. In Finland you are allowed to draw cartoons of different subjects and write instructions for immigrants, but those who so it may not be quashed, persecuted nor be given fatwas.


Not everything is racism. And even if so, whining does not improve it. Or do you think that the majority of Finns believe that Mikko Puumalainen is a good guy?


The Finnish language has a lot of old, beautiful, wise proverbs, such as, “act like the natives or leave the country.”

3 Responses

  1. What has Harri Eerikainen to regret.

    He is just passing on a picture of life and customs of typical Finnish people.

    Unfortunately for the host countries throughout the western world, the old age is as true to day as it ever was, but is now no longer practiced. (Maassa maan tavalla tai maasta pois – or When in Rome do as the Romans.)

    Unfortunaley for the host country immigrants bring their baggage – emotional and cultural – with them, the customs and values that have made their own homelands dysfunctional unstable.

    How ironic.

    And in the fullness of time they will want to foist all their junk onto the Finns – no more sauna. Its just too disgusting and indecent.

  2. Sauna is a Finnish institution. But for those who insist on covering their women folk from head to toe the sauna would have to be regarded as indecent. Sorry for any lack of clarity in my first comment.

  3. I agree with you. Politicians these days are sacrificing the their countries on the alter of multiculturalism, in the vain hope that it’ll extend the life of the welfare state just a few decades more.

    Future generations are not not going to be thinking kindly of what htis present generation has bestowed upon them. Thanks for the comments. KGS

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