Dhimmitude Alert: UK: Catholic Chapel Celebrates Mohammed’s Birthday…….

No more room at the Mosques?

Not even traditional houses of worship are sacred anymoreMo is everywhere!

A priest has just rung me, furious. He’s heard that a celebration of the birth of Mohammed was apparently held today in the chapel of Newman University College, Birmingham – a Catholic foundation named in honour of Cardinal Newman. I can’t reach the organisers, but the Facebook post above (hastily removed tonight) confirms that the college’s Islamic society planned an event in the chapel, not a meeting room. “I don’t know if the Blessed Sacrament was present, but in any case this is outrageous,” says the priest.
Get used to it guy, once the genie of fuzzy headed multiculturalism is out of the bottle, and presented to a very monoculture ideology, this kind of nonsense is to be expected. More here. KGS

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