UK: Returning Soldiers Greeted With Abusive Calls From Muslim Protestors…….

Homecoming for the 2nd Battalion of the
Royal Anglian Regiment in the streets of Luton

It’s only a handful of Muslims that turned out to jeer and hurl abusive pejoratives at the troops parading before the cheering British crowds, so one would assume that speaks well of the Muslim community as a whole …right?One would then be forced to ask why wasn’t the Muslim community in Luton present in celebrating with the rest of the townsfolk, the return of these British troops who risked their lives to defend their fellow co-religionists? Without a doubt the media would be interviewing these loyal Muslims waving and cheering the troops on, as signs that fundamentalist Muslims do not speak for the entire community. But guess what?Only these Muslims showed up!
The local Muslim leaders can’t say that they didn’t know about the parade, or that keeping a low profile was the best course of action. The best signal that they could have given, was for them (Muslim religious and civil leaders) to stand with the rest of the crowd and cheer the troops on, regardless of what the rest of their community chose to do. But instead, this disloyal rabble was allowed to present their fundamentalist message …unapposed by the leaders in the Muslim community.

An optimist would say that Muslim leaders just misjudged things badly and happened to miss a golden opportunity to show how well integrated they actually are into British society. But a realist would recognize their glaring absence as a sign that they are either (a) of the same opinion as the banned group, al-Muhajiroun, protesting the return of the troops, or (b) not of the same opinion, but more loyal to them because they are fellow Muslims, and chose to stay away. Either way it reflects very badly on the Muslim community of Luton.Here’s a video of the townsfolk that show how much they appreciate the Muslim protesters, I guess it makes them all into a bunch of racists and bigots for their open display of dissatisfaction with these scum. The more galling aspect of this, is that the police had to protect the disloyal scum from the angry crowd, who have clearly had enough with Islam. KGSDaily Mail: “It is only because of the sacrifices made by our armed forces that these people live in a free society where they are able to make their sordid protests.’ Luton South Labour MP Margaret Moran called for an inquiry into the way police handled the incident. She said: ‘Calling people baby-killers and the rest seems to amount to provocation of the worst kind when these lads and lasses have risked their lives for the freedom these people enjoy. It seems to me this amounted to huge provocation and was potentially racially divisive.’
Video: Atlas

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