Lebanon: Engagement of Terrorist Monster Samir Kuntar Greeted With Praises and Adoration…….

Lebanon’s elite wish the terrorist monster all the best!
Former president of Lebanon, Emile Lahoud:

“Dear to my heart. I view Samir Kuntar as one of my sons I wish the couple a happy life!”
Lebanon elite turns out to celebrate terrorist Samir Kuntar’s engagement “Convicted terrorist Samir Kuntar announced his engagement this week in a highly-publicized Beirut ceremony. […] A range of Lebanese dignitaries attended their engagement ceremony at her Beirut home, including former Lebanese president Emile Lahoud and the father of assassinated Hezbollah deputy Imad Mughniyeh. “Bride of the monster, Zeineb Barjawi is thrilled!
Disgusting isn’t it? I hope she isn’t planning for a marriage full of happiness and bliss, this is a guy who bashed in the skull of little kid with the butt of his rifle. But then again, she is a product of her religion and culture, so she will more than likely get over her wedding night rape and submit to the reality she lives in. She has no other choice now does she?The happy couple
Here’s how they came together

H/T: Reinhard

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