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Update on Israeli Tennis Match in Malmö Sweden, a Convergence of Socialists and Nazis…….

Leftists of all stripes plan to converge on the Baltiska Hallen (Baltic Hall) in Malmö Sweden to demonstrate their Jew hate.

Planned meeting place for demonstration of International and National Socialists

They all hate Israel, and deep down, Jews as well. I reported here and here about the tennis tournament in which an Israeli team will play a match on Saturday behind closed doors. The Tundra Tabloids received permission from Swedish pro-Israel activist, Ted Ekeroth, to quote his observation on what is about to take place. KGS

Ted Ekeroth: “This weekend, loads of socialists and nazis will “demonstrate” against Israel and against the tennis game being played in Malmö. The audience has been denied entrance since the ruling socialst block stopped the selling of tickets. On Saturday, 1200 swedish time, will an est. 10 000 persons march against israel from the Stortorget to Baltiska Hallen where the game is being played. About 800 police officers are on duty they say. The nazis are coming to, joining the “stop the game”-network apparently.. I will film it and with a little bit of luck I will have a computer online to do updates from Malmö during Saturday. Just wanted to give you a heads up… I’ll be posting on Saturday as the news comes in.”

H/T: Baron Bodissey

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