Finland: Local Politician Charged with Inciting Racial Hatred…….

Chairman of the Finnish People’s Blue-Whites party, Olavi Mäenpää:
Enough is enough

Castrate them! Mäenpää in the 2006 TV political debate on YLE: “There was a recent case in which a Kenyan was raping Finnish women, I’ll state it clearly, if I come across someone like that I wouldn’t hestitate for a moment to castrate him. Question: So you approve the use of violence.. Mäenpää, yes, against that kind of trash that’s living here and been living off the taxpayers”.

Here is what Finnish state Radio/TV has to say about it.

On Tuesday hearings opened at the Helsinki District Court in the case of Olavi Mäenpää, a Turku city council member, who faces charges of inciting racial hatred in a public election debate. The prosecutor accuses Mäenpää of using slanderous and abusive language when speaking of African and Middle Eastern refugees and immigrants at YLE’s parliament election debate two years ago. The prosecution maintains that in his remarks Mäenpää, a candidate for public office, vastly generalised the characteristics of people belonging to certain ethnic groups. Mäenpäää referred to members of specific ethnic groups as criminals, welfare system abusers and generally less worthy people. The prosecutor asserts that Mäenpää believes it to be acceptable for people to take justice into their own hands when immigrants commit crimes. Mäenpää, who denies the charges, chalks his election debate remarks up to normal political banter. ”This trial is absurd and preposterous. I voiced my personal opinions during the election debate, and I was not inciting hate agianst any specific group. You can’t be judged on your opinions,” told Mäenpää to YLE ahead of the hearing on Tuesday. In 2007 Mäenpää stood for election on the ticket of the far-right Finnish People’s Blue-Whites.

But that’s not all!

Look where the spokesman place his partyThe 2007 televised debate was between the representative of all the minor parties in Finland. Upon being introduced to the program, they were asked to place their party on a chart divided up into three separate fields, Left, Center, Right, the Finnish People’s Blue-Whites (SKS)spokesman, Olavi Mäenpää, placed his party clearly on the Left. The Finnish Leftist media deems the Finnish Blue-Whites party to be racist, and then excludes them from the ranks of the Left, though the party’s spokesman knows exactly where their ideological home lies, better than anyone else. See how it’s done? KGSUPDATE: Here is Olavi Mäenpää’s blog. (Finnish only)

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