Muslim Whining Alert: Free Speech Offends Islam……!

Organization of the Islamic Conference Seethes over Israeli program
OIC: Hands off Mo!

Jihad Watch: Jihad Watch reader Paul, who sent me this, notes: “No details about the show are given, such as the name of it, what the ‘insult’ was, etc.” But it doesn’t matter. Dhimmis aren’t supposed to speak about Islam and Muhammad in anything but the most glowing terms.

The OIC “emphatically reaffirms that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is a red line for the Muslim Ummah.” Ihsanoglu has previously said that a “red line” must be drawn for the West, placing “insults” off limits. But who draws that line? Who determines what is an insult? What if the OIC is given this power, and decides — as it has already stated — that counterterror speech is an insult to Islam? The objective here ultimately is to render the West silent and unable to combat jihad and Islamic supremacism, and thus to enable the triumph over and Islamization of the West.

“OIC Secretary General condemns Israeli TV’s defamation of Prophet Muhammad,” from the OIC, February 26 (thanks to Paul):

The Secretary General of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), Professor Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, vehemently condemned the Tenth Israeli TV channel’s defamation of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), hurting thus the feelings of Muslims and slurring their faith. He emphasizes that the calumnious program bears testimony to the truly racist character of the Israeli Establishment and its steadfast endeavors to trigger dissension and stir up conflicts particularly that this condemnable act unfolds a few days after the broadcast of a program with offensive material against Prophet Jesus and his Mother Mary (peace be upon them). The feelings of Muslims throughout the Muslim world have been hurt by the unceasing and malignant campaign against Islam and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The campaign has shamelessly targeted all sacred beliefs and symbols, persistently slandering Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and disparaging a tolerant religion embraced by more than a billion and a half people.

Hence, the OIC emphatically reaffirms that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is a red line for the Muslim Ummah [nation] and reiterates the call for the creation of an international alliance to combat the defamation of religions and scared [sic!] faiths and oppose any insults against religious symbols.

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