United Nations Wants To Regulate Free Speech Of Every Nation

Thanks to the OIC, the largest block within the UN, the move to silence all critics of Islam is gaining speed. What’s it going to take to get people to stand up and take notice that their right to speak their minds is being slowly but surely curtailed?! KGS

Wake the hell up people!

UPDATE: Why in the world couldn’t Kitty Pilgrim answer Lou Dobbs’ question:

Lou Dobbs:Of those 57 nations supporting this resolution, how many of them are a democracies?

Kitty Pilgrim: “I couldn’t tell you, but.. many of them are Islamic countries.. uh..Pakistan has led the charge on this and has ..uh.. tabled this resolution…Fortunately Dobbs has the presence of mind to help her out with that most basic of questions.Lou Dobbs: So they’re not democracies, and they’re facinated with their own precepts about what would constitute the way to run a nation “not like ours”. Is there any discussion, perhaps, of simply, if the United Nations insists on doing this, sort of bulldozing the building, getting it out of the way and letting them go find another place to live?

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