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UK: Muslim Politician Thinks Stoning Women and Beatings are OK…….

Law of multiculturalism: all cultures are equal !

Voice of a moderate

Atiq Malik: I approve of stoning and whippings, what’s wrong with that?

The Netherlands opts for segregated theaters for Muslims, Britain allows sharia law, Finland has segregated Muslim only swimming sessions, Norway and Britain see no problem with Islamic headscarves being a part of the police uniform, and yet, those of us who warn about the Islamization of Europe are deemed conspiracy peddlers. KGS

Calls for Brent Sharia law councillor to resign

Councillor Atiq Malik, (Democratic Conservative Group), wrote two blogs, one on the UK Polling Report website and one on the Conservative Home website. Both read: “If Muslims living in the UK are happy that disputes be decided by Sharia courts then what?
The reason why male gets more share than women is that male members of the family have the responsibilty to provide living expenses to female members of the family.
If an unmarried woman has an affair she is lashed 100 times. If a married woman has an affair she is stoned to death. What is wrong in it?”
But when the Observer contacted Mr Malik he backtracked on his original views and said he did not believe Sharia law should be introduced in the UK but that it was acceptable in Islamic states.
He said: “No I am not advocating Sharia Law in England. England is not a Muslim country. Sharia Law is the belief of Muslims and is part of Koran. In a Muslim majority country the Koran is the code of conduct. But it is not practical in England because it is not a Muslim country.
“Yes of course I believe in Sharia, it is our way of life. I don’t see any harm in Muslims believing what is in the Koran.”

NOTE: Malik had allegations levied against him in 2008 for bring his office into disrepute.

Via: Muslims Against Sharia

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