Cyprus Mail: Lets Follow the Belgians……!

Tundra Tabloids torn between crying and uncontrollable laughter

Ok, the TT chooses uncontrollable laughter
Tanguy Veys sent the Tundra Tabloids the following bit of news concerning Cyprus and its need to find some kind of governing system that will bring peace and stability to the divided Cypriot island. Personally, I thought the fence was working just fine.
The Belgian model, why would anyone want to imitate that?
In the words of Paul Belien, “Belgium is an artificial state, in which two peoples were forced to live together and where no Belgian national consciousness developed. It could fall apart in the next ten years.” Apparently however, there are people who live elsewhere in which such a decrepit system would be a step forward, instead of being a major leap backwards.
Alkan Chaglar’s pro-Belgium article can be read here, but for those of us who have read Paul Belien’s book, A Throne in Brussels, we know that what Chalgar writes of Belgium, is so far removed from reality that one can only feel a sense of pity for someone who thinks that such a corrupt political system would be worth copying at home. KGS
Read More about Belgium here.
NOTE: Belgium is an abnormality. It is a state with two major linguistic groups where the Dutch-speaking majority forms the Flemish nation, but where the French-speaking Walloons do not regard themselves as a nation in their own right but rather as a part of the French nation and consequently a national minority within Belgium. If Belgium fitted the normal patterns, it would have developed in either of two directions: Belgium could have become the nation-state of its Flemish majority, or the Flemings and the Walloons could have become subnations of a Belgian nation. Neither is the case.

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