US: The Winds of “Change” for the Middle East…….

Democrats’ gross stupidity on display in Gaza

Keith Ellison: ” I’ve got lots more stupidity for you”
‘Israel must change “counterproductive” Gaza policies’

Ellison while in Gaza: “When people have been deprived and feel beat down long enough, you cannot make them do what you want by beating on them more. They are used to that. They know that. They have been without and they can be without.”
What a disgrace. This is exactly why Hamas waged a war on the Israeli people, because it knew it could count on political toads like US reps., Keith Ellison and Brian Baird to mouth their propaganda. This is the “change” US president, Barack Obama promised, from a half baked US foreign policy to a full blown naive and amateurish one. Read more here, and keep you barf bucket close by. KGS

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