Pakistan International Airline Bans the Beard…….

Bostom:But Wait: New Jamaat e Islami-Approved Pakistan Airlines Male Flight Attendant Crew!”

Express India: Islamabad Religious scholars of the country have condemned Pakistan International Airline’s decision banning its employees from sporting beard. The scholars have termed the move as violation of their constitution and fundamental rights, media report in Islamabad said. In a joint statement, Jamaat-e-Islami chief Qazi Hussain Ahmad, along with others, said that the PIA was trying to please Washington by banning its male cabin crew from having beard, the ‘News’ has reported. The statement said, “PIA’s new policy was a stark violation of Sunnah and an attempt to please the West.” Citing example of France where Muslim girls have been banned from wearing head-scarves, the Ulema said that most Western countries had adopted anti-Islamic policies.

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