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Wilders Arrested……!

Geert Wilders with ticket in hand

TWITTER has it that Wilders has been “taken away”

A newspaper reports that Dutch MP Wilders has been “taken away” from an airliner at Heathrow Airport, no immediate official confirmation.”

And that: A Dutch newspaper reporter describes a “chaotic” scene aboard an airliner at Heathrow airport as banned Dutch MP tries to enter country.

The Daily Mail: The right-wing Dutch politician banned from visiting the UK over his anti-Islam views arrived at Heathrow airport this afternoon. Geert Wilders’ passport will be flagged up and he will be refused entry to Britain when he arrives at immigration, according to Home Office spokesman. And Heathrow’s owners BAA said immigration officials and police will be on hand to prevent Mr Wilders from going beyond passport control. Mr Wilders was invited to Westminster to show his 17-minute film Fitna, which criticises the Koran as a ‘fascist book’, by a member of the House of Lords.

Wilders on board being questioned

Will update as soon as more comes in. KGS

UPDATE: The Times Online:

The far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders arrived at Heathrow today to test the Home Secretary’s ban on him entering the country.

Immigration officials were expected to deny the Dutch MP entry to the country after the Home Office decided that he should not be allowed to attend a screening of his controversial anti-Islam film tonight.

Mr Wilders told The Times on the flight that the British Government was “the biggest bunch of cowards in Europe”. ”It is easy to invite people you agree with, it is more difficult to invite people you disagree with and this is the proof of the pudding,” he said.

“I am going to Great Britain because I was invited by another politician (Lord Pearson of Rannoch). I am a democrat, I am serving freedom of speech. They are not only being nasty to me they are being nasty to freedom of speech.

He added: “They (the British government) are more Chamberlain than Churchill.”
At 2.20pm Mr Wilders was escorted through UK immigration by two plain-clothed officers from the UK border agency.

Mr Wilders, 45, an MP in the Netherlands, caught a British Midlands flight from Amsterdam this afternoon brandishing his passport and boarding pass. He said he would have to be physically restrained from entering the country. “I’ll see what happens at the border. Let them put me in handcuffs,” he said.

The MP was invited to attend a showing of his 17-minute film Fitna at the House of Lords by the UKIP peer Lord Pearson.

UPDATE: Wilders still being held in custody at airport.

FOX: “Wilders remains held at the airport. Dutch Foreign Minister Maxine Verhagen told the Mail that the Netherlands government would press to lift the travel”

Pamela at Atlas says: Bye bye England — they are done.
Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders, in a text message, tells the Associated Press he will be returning to Holland within the hour after arrest.

UPDATE: ATLAS: Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders, in a text message, tells the Associated Press he will be returning to Holland within the hour after arrest.

Bye bye England — they are done. They should be kissing his ring for his bravery and courage in doing what they don’t have the spine to do. The Home Secretary Jaqui Smith who barred Wilders entry (see letter) has renamed Islamic terrorism ‘anti-Islamic activity‘and has will welcomed the most violent Islamic radicals while simultaneously banned Jews.The plea of a free man:

“Threat to society? I’m an elected member of Parliament; I have done nothing wrong,” “I’m a normal, law-abiding democrat. You might agree or disagree with my political point of view, but I’m no threat to anyone.”

This is a fatal blow to free speech.

Channel 4 report on ban, filmed just before Geert Wilders set his face towards the UK.

NOTE: “Lord” Ahmed is a sniveling turd.
” on 23 February 2005, he hosted a book launch in the House of Lords for the notorious antisemite Israel Shamir, during which the latter claimed, among other things: “The Jews like an Empire… This love of Empire explains the easiness Jews change their allegiance… Simple minds call it ‘treacherous behaviour’, but it is actually love of Empire per se.” Although this invitation raised some controversy, Ahmed firmly refused to discuss the matter.”

NOTE: 1 pic and video via Wilders’ new website.

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  1. Man who supports brits, have been arrested? Man who stands with brits and says that they, as native people, have right to rule GB, have been arrested. Those who hate brits and western sociaty lives in GB and have right to travel to Netherlands and preach their “gospel” about western people in mosques every where. Those who want to rule us have more rights in GB.

  2. Unfortunetly it will get worse before it gets better. Once again history is about to repeat itself and yet once again the leadership of Europe has wrapped its head in the comforting blanket of denial. There is no room for doubt anymore. The orcs are gaining momentum, and there are some mighty storm clouds gathering in the horizon! The 1930s party rallies of brownshirts have been replaced by hate speeches in European mosques, Mein Kampf by the Quran and all that is actually missing, is the long-expected Mahdi (Der Führer) that sets out to realize the restoration of a global Caliphate and a second Holocaust against the Jews. If you think the spineless European elite is appeasing Muslims now then wait until they double their numbers to 30-40% of the total population. If we let the disastrous and irresponsible policies of our leaders continue the European countries will fall like dominoes to a reign of islamic terror.

  3. This weeks multicultural madness from Sweden.

    Youths freed in riot trial.

    Swede’s Koran sticker shuts down popular Indian ski resort.

    Muslim woman sues college over veil ban.

    Anti-Semitism on the rise in Sweden.

    The disgusting acquitment of a gang of Syrian thugs that beat a young Swedish girl unconscious last year in September. Unfortunetly I didn´t find any English article on this.

  4. I don’t think World War II is the right analogy here (and I’m reluctant in any case to resort to it as an analogy, it’s overused).

    Seems like the threat to the West right now is far more insidious and altogether far more dangerous than WWII, i.e. a wholesale cultural replacement. In that sense, the current threat (to which Britain has already succumbed) is more like when the Moors were stopped at Tours in the 8th century, or when the Austrians, Poles and Germans joined forces to defeat the Turkish invasion of Vienna in the 17th century. Bloody as WWII might have been, those earlier wars posed an even greater danger, and it’s right at the West’s doorstep again.

    Depressingly, some countries of the West are already lost. Britain is indeed one of them– I was in the UK just two years ago and I could hardly find a white, native-born English person anywhere. Not just the cities, but the fringes and even the fields were basically right out of some village in SW Africa, S Asia or the Mid-East. That’s the present and future of Dhimmified England– sadly, Britain is finished, the change in its population now so far along that all the major parties and the media have to kneel down to the new composition of the country.

    As you say, Sweden may be another. I can read the Swedish article and it boggles the mind how idiotically PC Sweden’s leaders are.

    Even more infuriating, Sweden– unlike the UK– never had a big overseas empire, so there is absolutely no excuse for Sweden to inundate itself (long a proudly and specifically Nordic nation) with Somalis and Arabs. It’s idiotic.

    I was in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt recently, which is in comparatively good shape, and where the laws are much tougher to preserve their identity– even more so just to the south in Vienna.

    And the fact that Wilders himself is Dutch, leading a party that’s gaining support in Holland, is itself encouraging both for the Netherlands and Belgium. France has had tougher laws and deportations since Sarkozy came in, maybe they and the Finns/Norwegians are waking up too. We’ll see.

    But what’s certain is that it’s already too late for England– Britain is lost. As Australia and Canada probably also are.

  5. Fotunately Australia is in no way comparable to the lamentable state of the UK at this stage.

    But now that we have the socialist government of Kevin Rudd things could change for the worse.

    It used to be said that the sun never sets on the British Empire; now however the sun is just about to disappear below the horizon in the UK – its getting darker by the minute it seems.

  6. That's right Anon, anyone caught defending the right of eveyone to speak their minds in liberty and freedom, is brought before the judge to be muzzled.

    Thanks Feethinker, I agree, when the numbers of Muslims increase, so to will the amount of anti-Semitic attacks, perhpas it stems from that racist and bigoted prayer they give at the end of each sermon at the mosque. Oh, and thanks for all the links you included, I appreciate that.

    Galoshes, i believe that you're right about that, you hit the nail on the head. It was far more clear back in 1940 who the enemy was, AND YOU COULD GIVE IT A NAME AS WELL.

    The Swedes and the Norwegians have begun to make steps in changing some policies in regards to refugees, but it's much too little too late. They're doomed.

    The political & media elite keep crying that those of us who speak up about the danger multiculturalism poses to our socities, are creating an unneccesary climate of fear mongoring, though Finland has hardly the numbers of Muslims that other states have.

    What they fail to realize is, we are trying to stave off the downward plunge before the situation becomes like Sweden's or Holland's.

    And yes Anon (someone else?), the UK is in a very bad way, if not for the blogosphere, we would be that further into our Islamization than we are now. We need to hang tough and expose these traitors whenever we can.

    Thanks to all for stopping by.

  7. Don’t forGeert Wilders!
    Stop talking, start acting.
    Isn’t Geert’s freedom worth a stamp?

    If Geert Wilders falls, then Freedom of speech is dead in Europe. We are launching an extensive International Action SITA including two possible texts ; one comparing Wilders and Winston Churchill and another Wilders and Charlie Chaplin:

    To support Geert Wilders and our dearly acquired freedoms please participate to the 2 suggested actions and transmit this message to your friends owners of a website in order they publish it.

    An other way to support Geert Wilders is to give some money. To donate:

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