Hamas Social Network Plan: Rebuild Mosques First……!

The Hamas not only steals food from their people, they also put the re-building of their homes far behind that of mosque building. The Hamas is not only responsible for the lives lost in the last conflict with Israel, they are also responsible for the damage to Gaza’s infrastructure, which saw hundreds of apt. buildings being destroyed due to their being used by Hamas to store weapons and launch rockets from.

So you would think that the Hamas, which is widely tauted by the media for its social welfare network, would be interested in alleviating the suffering of its people, at least just a tad, but that’s not to be. Mosques are of more importance to Hamas then the re-building and new construction of housing for its shattered people.

You see, that’s what happens when you vote overwhelmingly for a genocidal, terrorist movement, somehow “real social welfare” is not very high on their “to do list”.
The Hamas government in Gaza announced Sunday it would start raising money to rebuild the mosques destroyed by IDF strikes during Operation Cast Lead. Dr. Taleb Abu Shaar, minister for religious affairs, launched the fundraising campaign at a special press conference that was held on the ruins of the al-Taqwa mosque in the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood.
Abu Shaar stated that according to experts’ estimates, the damage to the mosques totals some $25 million. He said that 45 mosques had been completely destroyed during the war, while 55 were partially damaged and could not currently serve worshippers. Dozens of other mosques sustained slighter damages. The minimal donation for the rehabilitation project will stand at $400.

Yeah riiiight, that’s all the people of Gaza need, more mosques! KGS

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