Swedish ISM Moonbats Hurl Shoes at Israeli Ambassador…….

The asshats hit him in the chest with a shoe, they also hurled books and a notepad. Members of the highly lunatic International Solidarity Movement, (ISM) took it upon themselves to act like imbeciles and hurl articles at Israeli Ambassador Benny Dagman who was delivering a lecture at the University of Stockholm.
Israel’s ambassador to Sweden on Wednesday fell victim to the latest trend in political protest: shoe throwing. Ambassador Benny Dagan was addressing students at Stockholm University, where he had been invited to speak on the upcoming elections in Israel, when a young woman in the audience hurled a shoe at him, hitting him in the chest.
According to a statement by the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) who had members at the scene, the woman, along with a young man, then shouted “Murderers!” and “Intifada!” while pelting Dagan with books and a notepad. The two protesters were arrested by police, and Dagan continued with his lecture.

The Israeli Ambassador however, handled himself with the grace and dignity that his office commands, and continued on with the lecture:Ynet: “Dagan, who was not injured, continued his lecture despite the disturbance. He told Ynet that such behavior would not stop him. “This is not something that will deter me or prevent me from reaching out to the community in Sweden. As advocates of Israel, it is our duty to present Israel’s just struggle. My public appearances are important for the many friends of Israel in Sweden,” he told Ynet. “My avoidance (of public events) and hiding is exactly the behavior my enemies want,” he added.” If there’s any justice, the two people that were arrested would be immediately expelled from the school if they are enrolled as students at the university. But it wouldn’t surprise one bit if they became campus celebrities and had a park named after them, because this is Sweden after all, that’s known for its ISM “peace activists” to ham it up with cold blooded terrorists. Terrorist loving ISM asshats ‘Swede Gabi’ and ‘Sottish Alan’
More on the ISM here, jiving it up with known murderers. KGSNOTE: ‘Gabi’ had the nerve to disguise herself as an Orthodox Jewish woman, even though she’s not Jewish.

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