Egypt Jordan Peace Plans

The Jordan-Egypt Option Holds More Promise in Ending the Conflict…….

Interest in seeing the portions of the West Bank incorporated into Jordan and all of Gaza into Egypt is gaining traction. Dr.Daniel Pipes has mentioned it, noting that:
Despairing of self-rule, some Palestinians welcome the Jordanian option. An unnamed senior PA official told Diker and Inbari that that a form of federation or confederation with Jordan offers “the only reasonable, stable, long-term solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.”
Hanna Seniora opined that “The current weakened prospects for a two-state solution forces us to revisit the possibility of a confederation with Jordan.”
The New York Times’ Hassan M. Fattah quotes a Palestinian in Jordan:
“Everything has been ruined for us -­ we’ve been fighting for 60 years and nothing is left. It would be better if Jordan ran things in Palestine, if King Abdullah could take control of the West Bank.”
J’lem Post journalist, Khaled Abu Toameh also brings up the issue of a greater Egypt and Jordan solving the Palestinian question once and for all. Toameh as well as Dr.Pipes have locked on to an idea that holds more promise of bringing stability to the region than an individual Palestinian state ever would.
The Tundra Tabloids supports the idea of these two Arab states absorbing once and for all the Arabs that live in both the WB and Gaza, it would create a whole new emphasis on ending the conflict once and for all, by eliminating the meddling of a bunch of ruthless gangs that are increasingly becoming influenced by Iran and the global jihad.
The TT believes that it’s high time to end the illusion of a two state solution, due to the reluctance of the Arabs living in the disputed territories in wanting their own state, they are either too corrupt to pull it off, or just hell bent on destroying the Jewish state of Israel. Time to call things as they are, and for the rest of the world to admit that the “Palestinian cause” is still born due to lack of local desire for such a thing.
The Arabs in the disputed territories have wasted enough of our time, money, effort and good will on themselves, and now it’s either end the conflict once and for all, or be absorbed into Jordan (a Palestinian majority state already) and into Egypt, with whom the Gazan Arabs have more in common with, linguistically and culturally than with the Arabs in the WB. KGS
Since mid-2007, the Palestinians have two entities: one in the Gaza Strip that is run by Hamas and supported by Iran and Syria, and the other, a secular, powerless and corrupt regime of the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank.
The last war in the Gaza Strip has further deepened divisions between these two entities. Attempts by Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Yemen to patch up the differences between the Hamas state and the Palestinian Authority state have also been unsuccessful.
Today, it seems almost certain that the Palestinians will have to live with these two separate and rival entities for quite some time. Had it not been for the location of Israel – which separates these entities from each other – it’s highly likely that we would have witnessed a new war in the Middle East. This time the war would have been between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.
Hence any talk about a two-state solution between the Israelis and the Palestinians at this stage is more irrelevant than ever. Any attempt to establish a physical or political connection between Abbas’s West Bank and Hamas’s Gaza Strip under the current circumstances is doomed to failure.
On the other hand, talk about a one-state solution is also irrelevant, especially given the fact that a majority of Jews are vehemently opposed to the idea. Besides, who said that the Palestinians are fighting to become Israeli citizens and vote for the Knesset (although many, in private, would welcome the idea)? The Palestinians, one must bear in mind, are struggling for separation from Israel, and not integration into the Jewish state.
Because the two-state solution and the one-state solution are not going to work for all the above-mentioned reasons, the time has come to consider other options. One idea that has been floating around lately is to involve the Jordanians and the Egyptians in running the affairs of the Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.
The Egyptians and Jordanians are already involved, to a certain degree, in helping the Palestinians in both entities. In recent years, the Egyptians have often found themselves involved in what’s happening inside the Gaza Strip. The Jordanians have also lately increased their involvement in the affairs of their former citizens in the West Bank……

Time to end the notion of a Palestinian state, and let Israel’s peace partners, Jordan and Egypt, be a part of ending the conflict once and for all. KGS

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