Anti-Israel bigotry and bias Finnish media media bias YLE

Predictable YLE Coverage of Qassam & Mortar Attacks on Israel…….

It’s been a well known phenomenon to those of us who follow the Finnish media’s reporting on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, that Finnish journalists, working for example at YLE, will usually forgo reporting on Palestinian missile and mortar rocket attacks against Israel, choosing rather to wait first for the Israeli response, in order to give any mention of the Palestinian attack at all. The intended, as well as the predictable result, is that the Israeli response is noted in the headlines, while the Palestinian attacks which set things into motion is noted somewhere in the body of the text accompaning the picture and the headline. Here’s for an example, the headline to an article appearing on YLE’s foreign news section, in which the picture bears absolutely no relation to the headline above it.

Caption: Wounded Israeli taken to the hospital

Israel has done a number the air strikes in Gaza on Sunday. The attacks bombed Egypt’s leading smuggling tunnels and a Hamas base. The half a dozen attacks were made after the Hamas’ shelling had wounded three Israelis. There haven’t been wounded reported in any of the Israeli attacks. Israelin armeijan mukaan Gazan puolelta ammuttiin sunnuntain aikana kymmenkunta rakettia. According to the Israeli army ten rockets were fired from the Gaza side on Sunday.

So for those who skip over the article itself, choosing rather to read just the headlines, Israel is protrayed in an active form, being seen as, once again, up to no good. The Palestinians however are usually depicted in a passive form, or in this case, attached to the violence, but placed inside the body of the text, and of course after the portion telling of the Israeli attacks. See how it’s done? KGS

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