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The 18: “Barack Obama’s first phone calls to foreign leaders as President of the United States were to Mahmoud Abbas and Ehud Olmert. From his very first days as Commander in Chief, he made it very clear that he intended to fast-track the formation of a Palestinian state, what he sees as the only way to ensure a lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians. With George Mitchell on his way to the Middle East to feel out exactly what is necessary to achieve this peace, the “Two-State Solution” is the hot topic on everyone’s mind.

Following Sunday night’s piece from “60 Minutes,” which framed Israeli settlers in the West Bank as the largest roadblock to the establishment of a Palestinian state, this issue has become even more important and relevant. Michael Fenenbock, a veteran political consultant (Robert Kennedy!) and a contributor to the Pajamas Media interview series, recently founded “The 18” (www.the18.org), the first-ever political campaign in the United States to oppose the creation of a Palestinian State.

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