Al-Qaida Chief Calls for Attacks on Israel…….

Israel has been on the front lines in fighting Islamofascism for decades, and how Israel fares will have a direct impact on how both Europe and the rest of the free world are able to combat the jihadists, both the violent and non-violent versions. It’s that serious, and yet the Europeans still insist on allowing its own colonization by Muslims coming from the very same region where liberal democracy is an anethma to them. Go figure. As Pamela Geller recently stated, “stick the fork in, Europe is finished”. KGS
Sanaa, 26 Jan. (AKI) – An Al-Qaeda leader in the Arabian Peninsula has called for terror attacks against Europe and the United States to avenge Israel’s recent military offensive in the Gaza Strip. Abu Basir al-Naser al-Wahshi called for supporters to take action in a 19-minute video message released on the internet.”
Strike the interests of the United States and European countries on the Arab Peninsula to punish them for what Israel is doing in Gaza,” the Al-Qaeda leader said.”After popular protests around the world in support of Gaza, we must now move onto military action to stop supplies to the zionist crusaders against those who fight on our land.”

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