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Khalid Yasin Incites Violence While in Holland: Geert Wilders Should be Flogged……!

Infidelophobia alert! Sheik Khalid Yasin decides to flaunt Dutch law and promote violence against a sitting member of parliament, Geert Wilders. According to a Gates of Vienna report, the fundamentalist Muslim firebrand cleric declared that Wilders should be flogged for his crimes. The GoV provides a translated report. KGS
Hate preacher Khalid Yasin:
Punish Geert Wilders with flogging
By Robin van der Klor
The PVV’s Geert Wilders wants clarification from the government over a speech that the Islamic hate preacher Khalid Yasin gave on Friday at the Islamic University of Rotterdam.
The controversial sheikh had said there that Geert Wilders should be punished with a flogging for his “systematic abuse” of Muslims and Islam.
Deny access
The PVV MP Sietse Fritsma wants a debate during the next week with the Ministers Ernst Hirsch Ballin (Justice, CDA [Christian Democrats]) and Eberhard van der Laan (Integration, PvdA [Labour]). The PVV (together with MPs of the PvdA and CDA) had asked Minister of Justice Hirsh Ballin earlier on if it was possible to deny Yasin access to the Netherlands.
Incitement to hatred
This week, the minister answered that such is not possible, but that the Public Prosecutor (OM) can prosecute Yasin if he incites hatred during his visit to The Netherlands.According to the PVV Yasin is a terrorist and an “evil man.” But according to Hirsch Ballin, research did not reveal that Yasin in the past had explicitly called for violence.

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  1. I am shocked, The Religion of Peace promoting violence and destruction????

  2. What am I not terribly shocked as well, that they let this guy into Holland in the first place?

  3. no go back home. we do not need rabblerousers like this awful political religion in our area of the world. jsut like they dont want the jews in SA or any other arab land , we dont want them here either. stay out and get out.

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