Anti-Israel bigotry and bias Helsingin Sanomat media bias

Helsingin Sanomat Slams Israel Every Way Imaginable…….

The Helsingin Sanomat lays a steaming multi-layered load in today’s foreign news section. In an all out assault on the Jewish state’s handling of Operation Cast Lead, the HS reprinted every charge the Hamas and it’s supporters in the UN, The Red Cross and Amnesty International have leveled at it since day one of the War.
Tundraman has this to say:
HS not only spends one whole page accusing Israel of war crimes, but it also exceeds everything it has said before. Not by its headlines…
1.) “Israel is suspected to have committed war crimes in Gaza”
2.)”White phosphorous is deadly effective as a detonating agent”,
3.)”Hamas begins to distribute help to Gaza”
…but by one incredible item in its “fact corner” on “The controversial cases in the Gaza war”: Besides “The UN school”, “The white phosphorous”, and “The case of the Samuni family”, there is also THIS:
Human shields Both Israel and Hamas are suspected for having used civilians as humans shields in the fighting. Both can be suspected for a war crime”.
Is this a new tactic of Hamas? To accuse Israel of using human shields? Is there a direct hot line between Hamas and the HS???
KGS: That newspaper, much like the NYT, has given up on any semblance of being an objective news outlet. There is never any attempt made by the HS on a regular basis, to provide a counter view to what they have been reporting, and saying in the paper’s editorial dept., it all goes one way, and then they get upset when one mentions institutionalized bias.
Many people do however notice that the paper’s foreign news and editorial sections are for the most part, indistinguishable from each other, serving more as an echo chamber instead of actually informing the public which pays that rediculously high fee of theirs. But the only way I can foresee any change occuring, is for it’s circulation to drop in a serious way, but I just don’t see that happening, without a real large grass roots movement happening.

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  1. The problem is that there is no alternative newspaper available in Helsinki region. There hasn’t been since Uusi Suomi folded in 1991.

    The circulation of dead tree media drops annually by a few thousand as people learn to get their news from the internet. So far there hasn’t been a major exodus from Hesari due to its editorial policy.

    It’s sad that the quality of HS journalism has dropped so alarmingly during recent years. In addition, the paper has moved towards advocacy journalism and no longer considers reporting current events thoroughly a priority.

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