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Finland: UPI Researcher Calls Helsinki Anti-Islamization Politician a Racist…….

The TT has learned that a UPI researcher, Toby Archer, recently told a crowded room of Finnish MP’s that were participating in a seminar titled: “Migration, social tension and the failure of European leadership”, at the nation’s parliament building, that Helsinki city councilman, Jussi Halla-aho “is a Racist”.
Toby Archer: “Jussi Halla-Aho took over 3000 personal votes in last autumn’s municipal election. [He] did so by standing on a platform that says immigration threatens Finnish society. His argument particularly focuses on Islam, claiming both that it is an inferior culture and that it it engaged actively in trying to take over Europe.
Crime, and particularly the rape of white women, carried out by immigrants is continually referred to within these contexts. He gathered those votes despite getting very little attention from the mainstream press, relying predominantly on his blog and the rightwing online echo-chamber.
This shows despite Finland having very small amounts of immigration that there is still a significant constituency for this type of nativist politics. How have we got to a point where countries who have next to no immigrants vote for racists who wish to stop non-existent hoards whilst we let migrants die by the thousand trying to get to countries where they are needed?”

I find it immensely odd and ironic that the UPI researcher, whose boss Raimo Väyrynen, invited the head of the highly anti-Semitic Organization of the Islamic Conference, Sec-Gen Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, to speak in Helsinki last year, is now going to label an elected official of being a “racist” because he’s concerned over the problems Muslim migration will bring with it to Finland. Well here’s a wake-up call for UPI researcher, Mr.Archer:


MUSLIMS want to create their own communities and remain segregated from British society.

A shocking 44% think they should be free to develop along separate lines. But critics claim Muslims will create their own ghettos if they are left to their own devices. The poll found religion has replaced race as the biggest equality issue, with six in 10 Brits thinking it is more divisive.

Mass tension has grown following terror attacks from Muslim fanatics, including the 7/7 Tube bombings in 2005. The war in Iraq has also added to divisions leaving many communities split. But critics are fuming Muslims are refusing to fit into our way of life. English Democrats’ chairman Robin Tilbrook said: “As far as I’m concerned, what we want to be about is having an integrated society. “If people don’t want to integrate, they shouldn’t be here.“It’s not at all right to have what’s really a sort of ghetto situation developing – it’s going to lead to trouble.“We can’t have a single society with lots of different rules.”

Stephen Green, national director of Christian Voice, said: “I’m not surprised because there are already Muslim enclaves all over the country. They keep themselves to themselves anyway.” The Equalities and Human Rights Commission poll found 67% of Muslims would not be happy for their child to marry someone of a different religion. But marrying someone from a different race bothers them less, with 61% content with the idea.The shock results come a day after commission chairman Trevor Phillips said Britain was “by far” the least racist country in Europe.

Finnish bloggerVasarahammer, who brought the incident to the TT’s attention comments: “Learning from others’ mistakes is called wisdom. Stupid people do the same thing all over again expecting different results.”

Absoutely true. One only has to look at the immense problems that Muslim immigration creates in other neighboring states, to figure out that it might not be such a smart thing to create here as well. Nipping it in the bud before it becomes a major headache in Finland, is the right course of action, and only a simpleton would conclude that it has anything to do with racism. It has everything to do with common sense, something of which is that is lacking in many of the departments over at the UPI. KGS

NOTE: Pic & UK story via Atlas Shrugs

UPDATE: Newly appointed Finnish MEP, Eeva-Riitta Siitonen reportedly stated at the same meeting that “anti-immigration and Halla-aho type racists are born from poverty and from economic frustrations.”

These elitist politicians are so far removed from reality, that they make themselves into laughingstocks every time they open up their mouths.

UPDATE: More reflection for Toby Archer.

Dear Brett,

I am sending you this e-mail regarding the situation in France concerning the Israeli offensive in the Gaza strip. I doubt I will tell you something that you already don’t know, but still, things look pretty grim right now. We already reached an all time low in this country during the second Intifada. The phenomenon which appeared during that time, especially in the high schools located in the Parisian suburbs, where the majority of the students are Muslim, has not disappeared.

To summarize in a few words a very complicated and painful situation, it is impossible for an individual, whether a student or a teacher, to say that you are a Jew. If you say so, you’ll end in a hospital. Don’t show any hostility to Al-Qaeda, or Hamas, you’ll be exposed to the same kind of violence. You can also talk to some of these kids, they’re open to discussion. Many of them dream to become a martyr and blow up themselves. It’s after all understandable, that’s what they hear in their mosque.

The situation right now is much worse. And it’s only the beginning. We had demonstrations every Saturday in every big city in France, and also smaller cities, against the Israeli bombings in Gaza. There’s nothing wrong with that per se. We live in a democracy after all. These demonstrations have a different flavor. The 20.000 people demonstrating in Paris were not in the streets to claim peace but to shout that Israel should be destroyed.

Israeli flags were burned, the support was for Hamas, not Fatah (as you know, this organization has betrayed his own people), and you could see giant pictures of Nasrallah. One of the sentences you could hear, repeatedly, was “Death to the Jews and the Zionists”. This was going on in Paris among other places. Two weeks ago the demonstrators stopped Place de l’Opera, shouted Allah is great and prayed [to] Allah. This is a fact, not bad science-fiction. In Mulhouse, the demonstrators wanted to end the day at the synagogue, and destroy it. The police prevented it.

It’s a pretty bad time right now to pray in a synagogue in the eastern part of France – bombs are being thrown once in a while, let’s say once a week – or in a Parisian suburb.

Now, who are these people? Where do these demonstrators come from? You have the usual suspects like the Communist party, the various Trotskyites parties, members of the National Front, people known to be close to revisionists groups and, mainly, ordinary people, from North Africa who suddenly claim that Allah, Hamas and the destruction of Israel matter more than their French citizenship. What we saw in the past three weeks were the first massive Islamic demonstrations in France.

And they’re not going to disappear like that. A peace agreement in the Middle-East won’t make things disappear. Just this week-end, a famous French stand-up comedian called Arthur could not perform in a French city. There too many demonstrators outside the concert hall, the police could not manage security inside the building. Now, who is Arthur? A Zionist loony? Someone who said death to all Palestinians? Arthur did not even give his advice about what’s going on in the Middle-East. He’s just a Jew. Obviously a crime nowadays.

I sometimes wonder how people are going to react to this situation. Not Jewish people. For them, we already know. But let’s say my colleagues at (media outlet deleted), in the place known to be one of the center of the so called French elite. A few of them don’t enjoy these demonstrations. Only a few of them. The vast majority doesn’t understand the danger Israel is facing with Hamas, Iran and Hezbollah. They don’t understand the danger our country is facing with a growing minority who believe that the law of the French republic matters less than the Islamic law. It is a problem, a huge one.

Sincerely yours,

Name Withheld

Al Avai states: “This explains why French Jews by the droves are buying flats in Israel.”

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  1. The alternate, and far more plausible explanation for Mr Archer’s criticism is that Jussi Halla-aho is in fact a racist. I’m sure there are many racists and neo-nazis that agree with your views, but that doesn’t make them any less racist or neo-nazi. Nor does their agreement make you a racist or neo-nazi. You can share similar views on an issue with someone who might otherwise be very different from you in their politics. Claiming otherwise and trying to paint all criticism with the same broad brush makes you look like, well… a knee-jerk racist.

  2. This isn’t about racism, it’s about reality. The reality is that it’s a scientific fact that non-whites are less intelligent and culturally inferior peoples. This is fact, not hysteria. If liberals have their way, the streets will be swarming with Islamofascists, imposing their Taliban rule on your family. You want your daughter to get raped by Muslims and then stoned to death if she doesn’t like it?? Time to wake up people!

  3. Well, as someone with more than a passing interest in evolutionary biology, I’d like to scrutinise the ‘scientific’ facts that you profess.

    Regarding rape, and believe me or not, I was actually a friend to a young woman who’d been raped, and sodomised, by a jordanian ‘man’, in londonistan, in the 1980s, when she was 14. That man was ‘shopped’ to the police by one of his jordanian friends before he had the chance to leave the country, so it seems that his traitor friend, at least, attained some intelligence and cultural superiority regardless of his genetic handicap.

    I wrote on my blog

    ‘But for all of eurabia’s sweet talking Pollyanna ways and liberal teases, we know that it’s a piece of damaged goods that likes it rough, with an itch for the sado-erotic, a taste for submission, a desire for the body bag, as it courts an exotic new suitor who’d be happy to oblige’.

    inspired, if that’s the right word, by the reality of that woman’s fractured life since her appalling ordeal.

  4. The fact is like most who use the term racist and fascist, they provide ample proof that the target of their angst, is in fact a fascist or a racist.

    It’s the tar with which one paints one enemies, and yes the TT does in fact use that term in regards to jihadists and those fundamentalist Muslims who support Sharia. But the thing is, I provide more than enough ample evidence to substantiate what I claim is true.

    Where intelligence and culture are concerned, I don’t buy for one minute that race defines intelligence, nor will I get into an argument over it. It’s not my specialty, but more well qualified people than myself would distance themselves from such views.

    Culture however is a different story. Western culture has no equal.

  5. KGS: “The fact is like most who use the term racist and fascist, they provide ample proof that the target of their angst, is in fact a fascist or a racist.”

    I’m sorry, an honest confusion here – what exactly are you trying to say there?

    If you’re referring to what Mr. Archer said about Jussi Halla-aho requiring “evidence”, what exactly would constitute evidence in your view outside of his existing arguments? Does he need to provide video of the man kicking an immigrant while wearing a neo-nazi arm band?

  6. Actually, what I left out was: “The fact is like most who use the term racist and fascist, they *fail to* provide ample proof that the target of their angst, is in fact a fascist or a racist.”

    So I was indeed saying proof must be offered in order for one’s claim to be taken seriously.

    I am greatly puzzled why you would be willing to accept such a charge at face value? Doesn’t sound ethical or logical to me in the least.

  7. Ah, understood.

    As for the claims about the man in question, I do have to say common sense would say that if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck… well, you know the rest. Are you saying that I should investigate the man’s record in detail to see if a researcher from the UPI had his facts straight when addressing a group of Finish MP’s? Just to note, your insinuation of some political motive because of who the institute had invited to speak in the past (mind you, I’m expecting that the UPI didn’t claim the man was speaking FOR them… so much for freedom of speech under a government you would run) smacks of reactionary slander in order to discredit Mr. Archer, rather than any meaningful effort to directly address the claims made.

    I suppose I’m equally puzzled why you would reject such a claim out of hand (apparently) simply because the person in question shares some political views.

  8. And I would note that the earlier question still stands – what would be requisite proof in your eyes that the man was a racist? You sling claims about the need for “proof” quite easily when it suits you, without actually specifying what that might entail. Considering your easy use of anti-semitism when it suits your purposes, I would imagine the bar of proof to be quite low.

  9. I am shocked that you would even ask such a question.

    How else do find out about someone’s POV? You listen to what he/she has to say or to read what he/she has written.

    Anon: ” Considering your easy use of anti-semitism when it suits your purposes, I would imagine the bar of proof to be quite low.”

    Put up or shut time, show exactly where I easily use anti-semitism when its suits me. I’m waiting.

  10. I doubt seriously that Toby Archer ever read Jussi Halla-aho’s blog himself, have you?

    No,I never said OIC Sec-Gen Ekemeleddin Ihsanoglu was speaking for the UPI. I bring up the incident to show the UPI’s gross lack in judgement in inviting the head of anti-Semitic organization as being typical of the hypocricy of these “expert” types, trying to find “racists” when one major one openly walks through their front door.

    Giving crediibility to hucksters like Ihsanoglu is what keeps the OIC believing that one day they will be eventually successful in limiting free speech here in Europe.

    I have read much of what Halla-aho has written, and find nothing racist in it.

  11. This must be a joke. Your entire blog is an extended effort to link individual cases of genuine anti-semitism (anti-semitic attacks, anti-semitic jokes by a comedian, etc) with the general proposition that all criticism of Israeli policies and actions is driven by widespread anti-semitism. Did you perhaps not read the last Israel needs friends who can have the courage to be critical, not sychophants eager for a religious crusade.

    Your pretension to moral righteousness would be amusing, were it not so ham-fisted.

  12. Show exactly were wise-guy or shut up. It’s that simple. show exactly were I claim any or all criticism of Israeli policies are antisemitic, you won’t find it here.

    Your halfwitted claims wouldn’t appear so ..halfwitted if you would bother to back just .05% of what you claim.

    And forget about lecturing me being a friend of Israel, with friends like you, Israel doesn’t need any enemies.

  13. Maybe Mr. Archer is right and Halla-Aho is a racist. I mean nowdays everyone who isn’t embracing Islam with open arms is a racist.

    Could it be that all this talk of Islamization is blown out of proportion? Maybe the guy with the AK really just needs a hug and he won’t be thus compelled to raping my sister and killing every infidel in Europe.

    I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough.

  14. this guy is an ugly jerk. he is an anti semite and he is one of those who refuses to believe that israel has a right to exist.

    well go here buddy if you want to see some proof –

  15. Thanks T2 I appreciate that.

    Anon, thanks for your link, it looks promising. I am a bit puzzled though as to whome you are calling anti-semitic? Neither Toby Archer nor the guy I have been debating with have mentioned anything that could be understood as being antisemitic.

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