Caroline Glick Debates Lefty-loon Gershon Baskin on Palestinian-Israel Conflict…….

Glick slices through Baskin’s soft doughy logic like a hot knife going through butter. Her great intellect and position as a Israeli negotiator, means that it gave her a crucial ringside seat to the greatest display of Palestinian intransigence ever seen before in an international three ring circus that the world called the Oslo “peace process”.
So the woman cannot be badgered or lied to, she’s that good. In taking part of a discussion -debate on IBA television with Leftist Gershon Baskin, Glick shows how easy it is to deflate the nonsense from the Peace Now crowd, who are very cavalier with their facts or given to outright lying. Watch it and decide for yourself. KGS
Pamela :Great debate here – click on IBA CLOSEUP – upper left on website.
Carolyn remarked on the debate:

They had me debating a true believing leftist about Palestinian statehood and G-d knows what else. The URL should be up until tomorrow afternoon Israel time. When you click it, then click on the option to watch the program “Israel close up.” I hope you enjoy it.

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