Hamas Steals Aid Meant for Palestinian Civilians…….

Hamas has been stealing aid from the mouth of Palestinians in Gaza ever since it became the de facto power through a military coup, so that in itself is not news to most readers of this blog. What is news is that it’s not Western aid that’s being pinched this time by Hamas, but aid coming from the Hashmite kingdom of Jordan.

This is just another example of how the much vaunted social network of Hamas, is nothing but a cruel joke, and it’s absurd that the Western media keeps on pimping that message whenever they want to justify Hamas’ existence as a viable, and legitimate movement. Well here’s a news breaker for you, a government that supposedly cares for its people, does not rob them at the drop of a hat. KGS

A number of armed men have seized on Tuesday a Jordanian aid convoy after entering the Gaza Strip via Karem Abu Salem Crossing Point, Petra was informed. The aid convoy, which was sent by the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization (JHCO), was unloaded to non-Jordanian trucks driven by non-Jordanian drivers after crossing King Hussein Bridge.”

“The UNRWA was expected to receive the convoy and unload it into its warehouses in Gaza to be distributed later on civilians in the strip. The armed men opened fire at drivers after crossing Karem Abu Salem crossing point and forced them to head to their own warehouses. UNRWA has asked the transport company not to send the aid convoys scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday until the issue of the seized convoy is solved.”

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