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Finnish Greens Party Newspaper Accused of Anti-Semitism…….

On Monday, the Tundra Tabloids wrote about the Finnish Greens Party’s newspaper that had published an anti-Semitic cartoon on its back page. Though the editor of the Green’s paper, Elina Grundström, is correct in saying that the picture clearly equates the state of Israel with the Nazis, not Jews, it’s nonetheless anti-Semitic.

According to the European Union Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC), it’s working definition of anti-Semitism includes the following:

Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis.

That is exactly what the paper was doing, as a matter of fact, it’s what protesters marching in the streets of Europe have been doing as well, the examples are endless. A TT reader sends the following article about the claims being made against the Greens Party newspaper.

The Greens party newspaper accused of anti-Semitism

The combining of the Israeli flag with the Nazis in the Green Party’s Journal has led to accusations of anti-Semitism. Last Friday, in the Green Lanka comics published the Israeli flag, the star of David was compared with the Swastika and both symbols were suspected of being cousins.
Christian Democrats’ parliamentary group chairman Bjarne Kallis deplored the comic sharply. He said on Tuesday in the Helsingin Sanomat that the cartoon is racist and anti-Semitism at its worst. Also Helsinki’s Jewish congregation chairman Roni Smolar took the comic strip as insulting of Jews and classic anti-Semitism.
Green Lanka EIC Elina Grundström rejects the accusations. In her opinion, Sami Aho’s comic strip does not have anything in itself to apologize for. Also, the draftsman himself has denied that Jews were being treated as national group.
— I am sorry that if someone is in hteir mind disturbed by it. But its purpose was not to comment on the Jews as a group, people or group of people in any way, Grundström stresses to the STT (News org). According to her, it has been a comic artist commenting on the current Middle East political situation. […]
According to Grundström the comic would not be published, if she had considered it offensive. The question of whether the comic series was discussed in advance of publication, Grundström would not take any position.

Either way the Greens Party newspaper has involved itself in classic anti-Semitism by comparing Israel with Nazi Germany. What should be done? It has always been the TT’s opinion that IDIOTS such as these should be exposed for what they are, anti-Semites. They should at the most, simply apologize to the Jewish community and/or to the state of Israel itself, just pick up the phone and dial the Helsinki embassy, Ambassador Avi Granot would be most accomodating.

But what is of most interest to the TT, is the fact that the Greens Party promotes itself as anti-racist party, yet hasn’t a clue of what constitutes anti-Semitism. If Grundstöm would have just bothered to enquire from the EUMC, she could have avoided the whole mess. But the TT understands that these Green Lefty types believe that they are entitled to treat the Jewish state any which way the want, all is acceptable, because it’s a political statement, but in reality, it’s nothing more than the unleashing of their penned up anti-Jewish sentiments under the guise of being anti-Israel. KGS

UPDATE: Majority readers of the online version of the Finnish newspaper Iltalehti, voted yes in the polling question: “Can the star of David be compared to the Swastika?” So the nutroots are out in full strength defending their right to be anti-Semitic, come hell or high water.

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  1. And the Green Party defended Denmark’s right to publish the Mo Cartoons? yes? no. They still believe they will tame that jihad crocodile after they use them tofinish off the right I take it.

  2. That pretty much sums it up John.S, I couldn’t have stated it any better.

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